Pola cosmetics: strict and sensitive perfection.

POLA cosmetics is an old cohort of Japanese cosmetic brands that appeared almost a check back in Japan. For such a long time, they have accumulated a lot of knowledge, developed specific and unusual cosmetological technologies, and also gained great popularity not only among Japanese, but also among women all over the world. Let's try to understand what this cosmetics is and whether or not to pay attention to its advertising slogans and unusual designer packaging.

Cosmetics POLA: History and modernity.

The founding father of the POLA brand S.Suzuki designed the first contours of the brand back in the twenties of the last century. Initially, his own developments were based only on natural products and were aimed at achieving an anti-aging effect. The development of the pharmacist liked the residents of Shizuoka, and soon the fame of him spread to the neighboring prefectures. Cosmetics began to grow and develop. World War II stopped this growth but not for long. Soon, the distributor networks covered the prefectures of the main island of Honshu, and the factories earned to the fullest extent as far as the stocks of natural biological components used in POLA cosmetics allowed. By 2015, our own POLA Corporation research center was established and opened, focusing primarily on the problems of rejuvenation and effective anti-age therapy, as well as on integrated methods of cosmetological effects.

The main scientific developments of POLA: innovative cosmetics.

In various product lines and products, POLA uses various active components to achieve its objectives. Let's turn to some scientific developments of the concern, which allowed them to achieve success not only in the domestic market of Japan, but also in many foreign markets. POLA top cosmetics use peptides and proteins derived from silk cocoons. Silk threads are known for their brilliance and durability. In many respects, special protein structures are responsible for these functions. They were able to be isolated and processed in such a way that the peptides and proteins ensure the smoothness, shine and health of the skin, making it more toned and resistant to stress. POLA actively uses medical techniques against the oxidation and "sugaring" of the skin. These processes are the root cause of aging. The biological complexes of POLA cosmetics work directly with the cellular structure by blocking the processes of oxidation and carbonization of cell membranes quite effectively. A special popularity of cosmetics POLA brought the use of special proteoglycans, varsikanov, which are responsible for the formation, maintenance and structuring of collagen of human skin. Collagen is a guarantee of healthy and moisturized skin, and warsicans ensure its sufficient synthesis for long-term use.

POLA cosmetics: is it worth to try?

As the saying goes, "you will never know until you try." So:

- One of the advantages - POLA high-tech cosmetics. She has absorbed nearly a century of research history and is truly effective. POLA also works with age care, which means that it will suit women over 30 years old.

- Of the minuses: the price. This cosmetics is not cheap due to its composition and research costs, which are carried out very intensively. And yet - a specific texture. You either fall in love with it immediately or add a tube and never buy it again - but this is already a matter of individual tastes that remain outside our review.

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