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In Japan, much attention is paid to maintaining a beautiful and healthy skin around the eyes. Eyes - a mirror of your soul, of course, you need to emphasize this beauty and cares for the delicate skin around the eyes, especially as it ages. Eye patches are a fashion trend to care for the delicate skin around the eyes of recent years. Patches help to fight dull and loose skin, swelling and fatigue, as well as crow's feet. Eye patches are more comfortable, they are easier and faster to use as an express care. And many of them act faster and more efficiently than traditional eye cream.

What are patches around the eyes?

Patches around the eyes from Japan are small pieces of fabric that are impregnated with active ingredients and applied to the area around the eyes. Patches from Japan include vitamins and supporting components for healthy skin. They contain all sorts of plant extracts, peptides and moisturizing ingredients. Patches may contain antioxidants. Of course, the composition depends on the specific brand and the specific functions of the eye patches. The composition may vary, it may contain such traditional components as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and it may also include placental extracts and all sorts of components for anti-age therapy. In most cases, patches from Japan are express care products that can be used both as needed and practically every day.

What types of patches from Japan are there?

In Japan, sold a lot of types of patches for the eyes. The general classification can be represented by the following types. Patches are rejuvenating, nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Some patches combine all these functions, others act more or less precisely, manifesting their cosmetic effects in a given direction. Also, patches can reduce swelling under the eyes and show strong cleansing effects and anti-oxidative effects on the skin under the eyes.

What is the composition of eye patches from Japan?

The composition of the patches from Japan for the area around the eyes includes only natural and effective components of directional action. The composition depends on the specific brand, but in general, standard substances that are present in most impregnation formulations can be distinguished. Collagen compounds of different types are responsible for moisturizing the skin, help to regenerate protein structures and return skin freshness. Hyaluronic acid and its compounds retain moisture in the skin, providing an additional effect and preservation of collagen. Peptide compounds nourish the skin, make it more elastic and give a healthy color to the skin. Antioxidants cleanse the skin and allow the skin to breathe freely, getting rid of deep sources of pollution.

Are eye patches from Japan effective?

Japanese patches for the area around the eyes effectively help improve skin color. They tighten it and make it healthier and more elastic. Observed effective processes of rejuvenation and hydration of the skin up to the deeper layers of the dermis at all levels. Patches relieve swelling, helping the eye area to effectively deal with stresses and negative environmental influences. They also relieve the symptoms of stress and skin fatigue more effectively than most eye creams. Patches smooth out a fine mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, effectively manifesting the functions of microlifting inherent in them. Patches soften the skin, combat the manifestations of irritation and micro-allergic reactions on the delicate skin under the eyes.

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