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30.11.2016 RR421162764JP Germany It is nice to have business with you.
30.11.2016 RR421162755JP UAE Thank you. Received today.
30.11.2016 RR421162733JP Kazakhstan DX melsmon cream is a miracle.
30.11.2016 RR421162778JP Russia Purchase gammalon for 2 years. It works
30.11.2016 EG479579236JP Latvia You asked to notify you once I get goods.
30.11.2016 EG479579222JP Russia Cancelled the order, got money back.
30.11.2016 EG479579219JP Russia A reliable business partner
28.11.2016 RR421162781JP Korea Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
28.11.2016 EG479579205JP Cyprus Thank you.
28.11.2016 EG479579165JP Russia Great shop and potile staff
28.11.2016 EG479579182JP Russia Japanese service.
28.11.2016 EG479579179JP Russia Very good store and products
28.11.2016 EG479579196JP Russia Baby foot is my favourite!
26.11.2016 RR421162795JP Hong Kong Gammalon received
26.11.2016 EF762982930JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
26.11.2016 EG479579151JP Russia Thank you for your attitude.
25.11.2016 RR421162804JP Singapore Got parcel, thank you Alex!
25.11.2016 EG534021493JP Latvia Buy lactis for my family every month. Thanks!
24.11.2016 RR421162818JP Hong Kong Timely delivery and good service.
24.11.2016 EJ513325738JP Russia Thanks for good word
24.11.2016 EG534021480JP Russia Parcel well received. Thanks
23.11.2016 RR421162852JP Kazakhstan Both quality and service are outstanding
23.11.2016 RR421162821JP Russia good quality
23.11.2016 RR421162849JP Kazakhstan Lactis helps my Dad, great product
23.11.2016 RR421162870JP Germany Swift shipping, thanks!
23.11.2016 RR421162866JP Latvia Very good package, safe shipping.
23.11.2016 RR421162835JP Russia Original product at good price.
23.11.2016 EG534021476JP Russia Received parcel today, thank you.
23.11.2016 EJ513325741JP USA Got my touchi extract, hope it works.
21.11.2016 RR421162883JP Kazakhstan Bought original Melsmon, thanks.
21.11.2016 EG534021462JP Russia Very good service.
19.11.2016 RR421162897JP Russia Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
19.11.2016 EG534021459JP Lithuania Thank you for your servive.
19.11.2016 EG534021431JP Australia I shall order again!
19.11.2016 EG534021445JP Russia Thank you for your work!
16.11.2016 RR421162906JP Italy Goods receivied, thanks.
16.11.2016 RR421162910JP Russia Thank you for japanese service.
16.11.2016 EG534021414JP Russia Great medicine, thank you.
16.11.2016 EG534021428JP Russia Nice to have business with you.
14.11.2016 RR421162937JP Russia Thank you for original melsmon.
14.11.2016 RR421162923JP Russia Goods received,
14.11.2016 EG534021405JP USA Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
11.11.2016 EG534021391JP Russia Great quality at optimal price
11.11.2016 RR421162945JP China Thanks a lot!
10.11.2016 RR421162954JP USA Goods delivered on time.
10.11.2016 EG534021388JP Ukraine Thank you fo great work.
09.11.2016 RR421162971JP Germany I am in love with Melsmon!
09.11.2016 RR421162985JP Germany Laennec is efficient. Use for 2 years
09.11.2016 RR421162968JP Russia Bought fucoidan, great effect.
09.11.2016 EG534021357JP Singapore Got parcel after 12 days! That was long
09.11.2016 EG534021365JP Russia Gammalon shows effect. Thank you.
09.11.2016 EG534021374JP Russia Got goods.
09.11.2016 EG534021343JP Russia Great japanese service.
07.11.2016 EJ513325755JP USA Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
07.11.2016 EG534021326JP Estonia Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
07.11.2016 EG534021330JP Austria Very polite staff.
07.11.2016 EJ513325769JP Russia Got goods, tmany thanks.
04.11.2016 RR421162999JP Singapore very effective pain killer EVE
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