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31.05.2018 EG639953358JP Russia Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
28.05.2018 EG639953335JP Russia Package received today. Thank you
23.05.2018 RA022193546JP USA Proffesional support, great store.
23.05.2018 RA022193532JP Monaco The best service I ever dealt with.
23.05.2018 EG639953287JP Russia High quality sream and essence.
23.05.2018 EG639953300JP Russia I love baby foot! No match for chinese fake
19.05.2018 RA022193461JP France Ordered lactis, great supplement.
19.05.2018 EG639953242JP Russia Wide choice and pleasant attitude
19.05.2018 EG639953239JP Russia Very good store,
12.05.2018 EG639953185JP Russia Japan is number one! Thank you.
12.05.2018 EG639953199JP Russia Cosmetics is outstanding and great
11.05.2018 RA022193395JP Turkey Reliable business partner.
11.05.2018 RA022193400JP Laos Got in 1 week. Thank you.
11.05.2018 EG639953154JP Russia Very good cure, I advice to use it
10.05.2018 EG639953123JP Egypt VIP quality and support.
10.05.2018 EG639953137JP Azerbaijan Good parcel without problems or custom dues
09.05.2018 EG639953110JP Russia Great precise work.
09.05.2018 EG639953106JP Russia Got in 4 days, thank you.
09.05.2018 EG639953097JP Russia Goods received,
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