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30.07.2017 RA015319714JP Kazakhstan Great japanese service.
30.07.2017 RA015319705JP USA Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
30.07.2017 EG586776469JP Russia Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
30.07.2017 EG586776455JP Russia Very polite staff.
29.07.2017 RA015319688JP Malaysia Got goods, tmany thanks.
29.07.2017 RA015319691JP Kyrgyzstan very effective pain killer EVE
29.07.2017 EG586776441JP Russia Bought minophagen, good thing!
28.07.2017 RA008739265JP Russia Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
28.07.2017 RA015319630JP Armenia Package received today. Thank you
28.07.2017 RA008739367JP Turkey Proffesional support, great store.
27.07.2017 RA015319303JP UK The best service I ever dealt with.
27.07.2017 RA015319294JP Israel High quality sream and essence.
26.07.2017 RA015319285JP Germany I love baby foot! No match for chinese fake
26.07.2017 RA008739455JP UK Ordered lactis, great supplement.
21.07.2016 RA008739472JP Kazakhstan Wide choice and pleasant attitude
21.07.2016 RA008739469JP Egypt Very good store,
21.07.2016 RA008739486JP Germany Japan is number one! Thank you.
21.07.2016 EG586776424JP Russia Cosmetics is outstanding and great
20.07.2017 RA008739490JP Russia Reliable business partner.
20.07.2017 RA008739512JP Kazakhstan Got in 1 week. Thank you.
20.07.2017 RA008739526JP USA Very good cure, I advice to use it
20.07.2017 RA008739530JP Kyrgyzstan VIP quality and support.
20.07.2017 RA008739509JP Hong Kong Good parcel without problems or custom dues
20.07.2017 EG586776398JP Russia Great precise work.
20.07.2017 EG586776375JP Ukraine Got in 4 days, thank you.
20.07.2017 EG586776384JP Russia Goods received,
20.07.2017 EG586776415JP Russia Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
20.07.2017 EG586776407JP Russia Great quality at optimal price
19.07.2017 RA008739543JP USA Thanks a lot!
19.07.2017 EG586776367JP Russia Got parcel yesterday.
18.07.2017 RA0008739557JP UK I lost 5kg!! Thak you.
17.07.2017 EG586776340JP Russia Wide choice of goods,
17.07.2017 EG586776353JP Russia got parcek yesterday
17.07.2017 EG586776217JP Russia Why the courier did not leave the notice?!
15.07.2017 RA008739565JP France Shiseido is number one!
15.07.2017 CD141279755JP Kazakhstan Lactis price is really low!
14.07.2017 EG586776203JP Russia Arigato!!
14.07.2017 EG586776185JP Russia Got parcel today, I loiked the present
14.07.2017 RA008739574JP Ukraine Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
13.07.2017 EG586776194JP Russia Bought origiinal product. Love it.
13.07.2017 RR906341991JP USA Extract touchi is best choice.
12.07.2017 RA008739591JP Kazakhstan Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
12.07.2017 RA008739588JP Russia BB essence is the best I ever bought
12.07.2017 RA008739605JP Qatar Competetive price for Melsmon
12.07.2017 EG586776177JP Azerbaijan Very nice shop.
12.07.2017 EG586776163JP Russia Bought with discount!
11.07.2017 EG586776999JP Russia It is nice to have business with you.
11.07.2017 EG586776985JP UK Thank you. Received today.
09.07.2017 RA008739628JP USA DX melsmon cream is a miracle.
09.07.2017 RA008739614JP Sweden Purchase gammalon for 2 years. It works
09.07.2017 EG586776968JP Russia You asked to notify you once I get goods.
09.07.2017 EG586776971JP Russia Cancelled the order, got money back.
06.07.2017 RA008739645JP Kazakhstan A reliable business partner
06.07.2017 EG586776945JP USA Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
06.07.2017 EG586776954JP Russia Thank you.
05.07.2017 RA008739676JP Hong Kong Great shop and potile staff
05.07.2017 RA008739659JP USA Japanese service.
05.07.2017 RA008739662JP Russia Very good store and products
05.07.2017 RA008739680JP Russia Baby foot is my favourite!
05.07.2017 EG586776923JP Russia Gammalon received
05.07.2017 EG586776937JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
03.07.2017 RA008739716JP UK Thank you for your attitude.
03.07.2017 RA008739693JP Kazakhstan Got parcel, thank you Alex!
03.07.2017 RA008739702JP Kazakhstan Shiseido is number one!
03.07.2017 EG586776906JP Russia Lactis price is really low!
03.07.2017 EG586776910JP Russia Arigato!!
03.07.2017 EG586776897JP Russia Got parcel today, I loiked the present
01.07.2017 RA008739747JP Russia Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
01.07.2017 RA008739720JP Russia Bought origiinal product. Love it.
01.07.2017 RA008739733JP UK Extract touchi is best choice.
01.07.2017 EG586776150JP Russia Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
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