Our Customers in February

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27.02.2018 EG630782231JP Russia Thank you for japanese service.
26.02.2018 RA027366067JP USA Great medicine, thank you.
26.02.2018 EG630782228JP Russia Nice to have business with you.
24.02.2018 RA027366040JP Thailand Thank you for original melsmon.
24.02.2018 EG630782205JP Russia Goods received,
22.02.2018 RA019234325JP USA Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
22.02.2018 EG630782143JP Russia Great quality at optimal price
22.02.2018 EG630782130JP Russia Thanks a lot!
20.02.2018 RA019234356JP Lithuania Goods delivered on time.
20.02.2018 EF762983042JP Bulgaria Thank you fo great work.
20.02.2018 EG630782086JP Russia I am in love with Melsmon!
14.02.2018 EG599704315JP Russia Laennec is efficient. Use for 2 years
13.02.2018 EG599704284JP Russia Bought fucoidan, great effect.
11.02.2018 RA019234413JP USA Got parcel after 12 days! That was long
11.02.2018 RA019234427JP USA Gammalon shows effect. Thank you.
11.02.2018 RA019234489JP Qatar Got goods.
11.02.2018 RA019234458JP Monaco Great japanese service.
11.02.2018 RA019234461JP France Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
11.02.2018 EG599704253JP Russia Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
10.02.2018 RA019234515JP Egypt Very polite staff.
09.02.2018 RA019234532JP Russia Got goods, tmany thanks.
09.02.2018 RA019234546JP Slovakia very effective pain killer EVE
09.02.2018 EG599704219JP Russia Bought minophagen, good thing!
09.02.2018 EG599704196JP Russia Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
07.02.2018 RA019234594JP Russia Package received today. Thank you
07.02.2018 EG599704148JP Russia Proffesional support, great store.
07.02.2018 EG599704165JP Russia The best service I ever dealt with.
07.02.2018 EG599704125JP Russia High quality sream and essence.
07.02.2018 EG599704151JP Russia I love baby foot! No match for chinese fake
06.02.2018 RA019234634JP Malaysia Ordered lactis, great supplement.
06.02.2018 EG599704117JP Russia Wide choice and pleasant attitude
02.02.2018 RA019234682JP Saudi Arabia Very good store,
02.02.2018 RA019234679JP Turkey Japan is number one! Thank you.
02.02.2018 EF868457011JP Cyprus Cosmetics is outstanding and great
02.02.2018 EG599704103JP Russia Reliable business partner.
01.02.2018 RA019234705JP Uzbekistan Got in 1 week. Thank you.
01.02.2018 EG599704077JP USA Very good cure, I advice to use it
01.02.2018 EG599704063JP Russia VIP quality and support.
01.02.2018 RA019234719JP USA Good parcel without problems or custom dues
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