Oily skin: Japanese care approach.

In Japan, for the care of oily skin a lot of products have been released, which help to organize care in an optimal way. The composition of such cosmetics is also aimed at optimizing the water and acid-base balance of such skin, taking into account its metabolic features.

Oily skin: its features and related problems.

Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebaceous glands and increased secretion. As a result, there is a widespread clogging of the pores and the formation of irritations, anke and greasy formations. Oily skin can be either a hereditary “gift” or a result of the body’s reaction to certain uncomfortable conditions, such as high humidity, excessive heat or strong dry air. Suppose, in the latter case, the body tries to protect the skin from drying out, throwing out the greasy secret in larger quantities than usual.

It is quite difficult to immediately and unambiguously determine the root cause if you yourself do not know your skin type or do not fully understand what caused the changes in the work of its glands lately. What is important is an integrated approach and competent selection of cosmetics. In Japan, there is a wide range of products that will help you deal with most of the problems of a cosmetological nature and solve them once and for all. So where to start?

Proper cleansing pledge normalization of the skin.

It is important to provide the skin with proper and good cleansing every day. Most experts recommend cleansing procedures three times a day, but we are realists themselves. Because it is important to clean the skin at least twice a day - but deeply, efficiently and without any excuses.

For washing it is recommended to use special means - for example, the “Nobel! Forled Series for Problem and Oily Skin with Hyaluronic Acid. It has healing and anti-inflammatory effects and is able to help you quickly cope even with serious tasks for the care of oily skin.

Regularly use a sea-based Tifure mask film with hyaluronic acid for skin care, as it is molded with high efficiency, targeted impact and gentle effect.

For toning and supporting oily skin, Curel lotion with a special composition is best suited to solve the problems of complex skin types with the help of therapeutic effects and medical effects.

Moisturizing and nourishing oily skin: a guarantee of perfect beauty.

It is equally important to pay attention to the nutrition and hydration of your skin. Many believe that oily skin does not need any nutrition, or additional moisture. This is a big misconception that leads to disastrous results. The skin itself does not produce nutrients, and their lack leads to an even greater increase in fat secretion. And in summer and in dry rooms, oily skin needs to be moisturized, since it is usually not able to cope with stressful conditions. Therefore it is important to provide it with all necessary.

Try a light and gentle cream with proteoglycans Lavi Prestius - based on an extract of apples and extracts from salmon. The cream is very light and gentle, it is like no other suitable especially for oily skin. The serum of the same series will complement and complete the process of moisturizing, without creating additional stress on your skin.

Separately, experts recommend trying Lululun mask for oily skin with vitamins and nutrients from Japan. Unlike other masks in this series, this mask is designed to meet the characteristics and basic needs of your skin. It will be the best choice for express care and support of oily skin at any time of the year.

General tips for the care of oily skin.

You should always follow some general rules and pay attention to general provisions and recommendations when caring for a specific skin type. If you do not, then even the most expensive and effective cosmetics may be ineffective. Remember:

  • Oily skin ages more slowly than others, so with the right approach you have a chance to preserve youth and beauty for decades.
  • Choose care products wisely and don’t use too much makeup at the same time.
  • Watch the daily nutrition - avoid sweets and fatty foods, lean more on fruits and vegetables. Drink more fluids and green tea, which can help fight inflammation and irritation of oily skin

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