Normal skin: Japanese care approach.

Normal skin is quite a rarity. According to various estimates, she has only a few percent of women around the globe. But even if you are lucky, you should not relax. After all, the lack of moisturizing and nutrients, as well as numerous failures that accumulate in the skin with age can quickly take you out of the number of lucky ones and you will have to fight either oily or excessively dry skin. How to ensure proper care for normal skin? What Japanese designs for normal skin will help you preserve this wealth and save you from many possible problems? Let's try to figure it out together.

Recommendations for the care of normal skin.

  • The first. Minimal impact. Most of the cosmetics in the case of the owner of a normal skin is simply not needed. They burden the skin and are more likely to cause harm, damaging the lipid or water balance of the skin, and creating unnecessary complications. However, you should avoid excessiveness and redundancy. Pay your attention to the Wasser with hydrogen cosmetics - this is an excellent option for owners of normal skin, which will please you every day with its ease and quality of therapeutic effects on the skin of the face.
  • The second. Sufficient UV protection. Remember, normal skin does not have sufficient natural protection, and the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation, primarily causing premature aging and dehydration, unfortunately applies to all skin types. Use special sanskrinami, especially if you plan to go on vacation at sea. Pay attention to the sunscreen stem cell cream. Also pay attention to Perlik photo-aging cosmetics specially designed to solve these problems.
  • Third. Do not neglect the cleansing of the skin. Even if you are the owner of the perfect skin, the lack of cleansing and the ever-deteriorating environment will do its job sooner or later. On your face, irritation and inflammation will gradually begin to form, and over time, more serious problems may begin. Solve problems proactively, pay your attention to Japanese peels for gentle and delicate cleaning of the skin.

How to choose a Japanese cream for normal skin?

To preserve youth and beauty after 25 years, even the owner of normal skin needs a good and high-quality cream to support the skin’s internal resources and revitalize its cells. Do not use cosmetics with ballast components, do not abuse heavy textures and rich creams. Choose the most light and pleasant cream that includes natural ingredients. Natural sea collagen, structured hyaluronic acid, as well as natural placenta extract, which is increasingly used in modern cosmetics, will become your reliable friends.

Pay your attention to the cream of the Khakuza gold series, containing not only collagen, hyaluronic acid and squalane, but also colloids of platinum and gold. Always keep in your cosmetic bag natural hyaluronic acid Solar Aloe, from Japan which can be added to serums, creams, and even to hair care products. This kind of integrated approach will allow you to regulate the amount of active substances used and effectively prevent potential skin problems in advance.

Remember, if you have normal skin - say thanks to your parents. So you are very, very lucky. But do not throw luck and let everything take its course. Provide your skin with adequate nutrition and hydration, listen to its condition and needs. This will help you preserve the beauty for many years and decades.

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