Lip makeup: the best choice.

For lip care, this is perhaps the most important part of make-up, which provides beauty, irresistible and completeness of the female image. With proper lip makeup, you can become both an innocent princess and an irresistible femme fatale. Because it is so important the right choice of lipstick, which is right for you. Japanese lipstick and complex makeup products will help you achieve the most ambitious and audacious goals.

Complex makeup: how to use.

A lip liner will provide your lips with crisp, clear and neat lines. Lip liner helps to shape the contours and bring completion to the beauty of your lips. How to correct and give the desired shape to your lips? For an intense effect, it is recommended to draw a line slightly outside the lips, so that they are more contoured and, as it were, fuller. To prevent dry lips, we recommend using a special lip balm with a pleasant honey taste, so that cosmetics do not lay down jerky.

Lipstick provides beauty and fullness of lips, gives them a natural shade and draws attention to lips. For uniform and high-quality lipstick application, we recommend using special brushes for applying Japanese lipstick. The brush should be richly smeared with lipstick and start applying from the lower lip, directly from the central area. Then go to the upper lip, and for a beautiful finish and neat distribution, we recommend that you use the side edge of the brush for applying lipstick. Check the accuracy of application, remove the blur, if you notice their slightest manifestation. Although Japanese lipstick is applied very simply and conveniently, caution and checking never hurt. To color the donkey and hold on longer, gently blot the lips with a napkin.

Lip gloss gives them a special unique volume and captivating shade. To create additional visual volume is recommended to apply gloss on the center of the lips. The reflected light will emphasize the fullness and volume of your lips even more.

The lips are a very important and tender part of the female body. For lip makeup it is recommended to use only high-quality and proven products. Remember this. Choose products leaving with real Japanese quality.

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