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If you care about yourself and value your health, use those developments that offer the world's best manufacturers. In our online store you can buy Japanese cosmetics La Mente, created a leader in this market - the concern Japan Natural Laboratories. Cosmetics, developed in Japan, have always been excellent quality. But preparations La Mente - it is a unique mix of innovation and the traditional approach, when the cosmetics include natural ingredients active action. 

Products by La Mente are used as professionals in high-end spas, and ordinary women customers, transforming the daily care to the ritua. Combining La Mente products gives the most profit, the experts can recommend an individual program of care, it is calculated on your skin with its problems, age and the list of necessary procedures. Complex action of La Mente cosmetics is effective in many situations. It is able to cope with age-related changes, stimulate cell regeneration, fill skin with moisture, reduce unwanted pigmentation and prevent new spots, gradually smooth out wrinkles, help treat acne, reduce and remove the comedones (black points), to align and keep the complexion, neck and décolleté. 

Choosing La Mente cosmetics, please note that the maker divides it into the categories for a particular skin type. For example, for dry skin we can offer La Mente cosmetics, containing the collagen and squalane that moisturize the epidermis to the deeper layers, help retain moisture. In this series La Mente Moisture Cream gained a great popularity. Oily skin requires a different approach. Therefore La Mente cosmetics in this case includes ingredients with anti-inflammatory and healing effects. And, of course, in any product by La Mente, whether it is a cream, gel or serum, the cosmetics contains invigorating extract the placenta, which provides basic anti-aging results.

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