How to choose foundation from Japan?

The foundation is used if your skin cannot boast a perfect and even color. The composition of the foundation masks problem areas, as well as visually corrects the imperfections of your skin. The foundation is the helpers of female beauty, which is used by tens and hundreds of millions of women all over the planet.

Foundation and tonal means from Japan are distinguished by high quality and minimal negative impact on the skin. They help to effectively hide flaws and correct skin color and tone easily and imperceptibly. However, it is important to remember that you need to choose a foundation suitable for you. Let's try to understand, based on what factors and arguments you need to choose a foundation from Japan.

How to choose a foundation from Japan?

Tonal cream should be chosen, having a clear idea of ​​the three most important factors. The type of tonal means, the tone of the tonal means, as well as the lighting of the place where you plan to spend time.

First: type. For easy masking enough powder. For a smooth and matte skin, a foundation or powder-cream with a thick and even texture is already needed. Liquid tonal tools are easy to apply and usually have a delightful pleasant texture. Pencils with a tonal effect can also be useful for correcting minor visual imperfections of the skin by spot correction.

Second: tone. Equally important is the tone of the tonal medium you choose. The tone of the chosen remedy should suit your skin tone sufficiently. Pay special attention to the inadmissibility of creating an uneven border between the areas of application of the cream and just the skin; in no case should your face go on uneven spots or your face will differ in color from your neck.

Third: light. Pay special attention to the lighting of the space or room where you plan to go. The warm light of yellow lamps or candles requires a more delicate color — more (though not always) shades of pink. The light of the day, as well as the bright light of the fluorescent lamps, are more demanding of beige and golden-beige shades of the foundation. Brown shades are suitable for dark skin and very tanned skin in most cases.

What to check when buying a foundation?

First, the foundation should match not only the color of your face, but also the color of your neck skin. Many people forget about it, focusing solely on the skin color of the face. As a result, when you buy a foundation and when you first apply it, the unpleasant effect of a “mask” appears. Remember, when choosing a foundation, if you do it in a store or boutique, it is necessary that you do not have makeup on, so that there is daylight and good natural light, as well as your skin is clean and dry. This will ensure the best possible conditions for the selection of foundation. It is best to use probes next to the window, in diffused natural lighting.

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