Japanese face serums: innovative approach.

In Japan, serums for the face have long been very popular. Many people are biased towards them, considering the sera to be completely ineffective and impractical. This is quite true for cheap Chinese serums or counterfeit products, which have flooded stores since the beginning of the crisis and after a sharp drop in the exchange rate. But not all serums are pacifiers.

High-quality and time-tested Japanese serums will help you in daily care, and special profile serums will help not only moisturize and whiten the skin effectively, but also cope with wrinkles and signs of aging due to the work of biologically active substances and biological signals. Let's look at the facts and see which sera are popular in Japan, and how you can make the best choice when ordering a particular serum.

Japanese serum for everyday care: simplicity and effectiveness.

In Japan, there are a large number of available serums, which at the same time are distinguished by high efficiency and great popularity not only among the local population, but also in many neighboring countries. Serums with hyaluronic acid are very popular in Japan - a great way not only to provide the skin with the necessary hydration and proper care, but also to ensure the normalization of the water balance of the skin and to protect the skin from drying out. This is especially true in the northern regions, where winter and dry air do not spare anyone.

For everyday care, you are ideally suited specialized serum, which can also be used for targeted correction or rehabilitation procedures. To support and nourish the skin around the eyes, a special serum around the eyes from the pharmaceutical concern Krasier with a convenient applicator will be suitable. It is convenient to carry it with you, and the complex and multicomponent composition will delight your skin and will effectively take care of the delicate skin around the eyes, considering its specificity. There is also a special lip serum, which is pleasant and easy to use, and its effectiveness is sometimes surprising.

Japanese skin whitening serums: say “no” to spots and pigmentation.

Japanese women pay great attention to maintaining a beautiful and uniform skin color. First of all, it concerns a beautiful and healthy complexion. With age, pigmentation is getting stronger, and additional protection is needed for the skin. BB Labs Corporation offers an effective skin whitening serum with a therapeutic effect at an affordable price. Although the price here is not the main thing. This serum has an effective and tangible medical effect, which lasts a long time after application of the drug on the skin. Serum restarts skin metabolism, responsible for the normal production of melatonin, thus returning the skin a healthy and even complexion. Complex whitening serums for the face are also available, including placenta and other nutritional components, for example, products of Demarrer, one of the leaders in the anti-age care market.

Unusual and interesting serum from Japan.

If you have a desire to try something new and unusual - Japanese serum is the area of ​​cosmetics that can please and surprise you again and again. Not so long ago, facial serums with blood appeared on the Japanese market. Of course, not with the blood itself, but with a deproteinized base, which causes the skin to perceive all moisturizing ingredients as something native and natural, increasing their absorption and penetration rate, as well as the coverage area of ​​the skin layers. Stem cell serum provides a comprehensive anti-age therapy. The stem cell extract signals the skin cells, as a result of which they seem to be born again. Cells for a certain period after the application of serum restart the mechanisms of regeneration and begin to function with double force, activating the processes of rejuvenation, cell repair and tissue regeneration.

Speaking of interesting and unique Japanese serums for the face, you can not ignore the premium segment. The Nobel series Forled uses the achievements of the Nobel Prize in medicine. This cosmetics contains ultra-small molecules of hyaluronic acid, which are able to penetrate the skin and have the effects of moisture retention and complex moisturizing from the inside. Especially effective is the platinum serum for the face. The JBP diamond series (the manufacturer of the sensational drug Laennec) appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already become the most popular cosmetics in many Japanese rejuvenation clinics. Diaserum gives a complex and long-lasting effect, smoothing wrinkles and giving the skin elasticity. Diaserum is distinguished by a deep effect - this serum works not only here and now, its effects will persist in months and even years. Anti-wrinkle serum Melsmon is a proven assistant in many years of experience in the fight against aging. It was developed by the Melsmon pharmaceutical company and includes all of the cutting-edge solutions developed by the concern to combat aging.

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