Japanese Cosmetics' Secrets

Cosmetics made in Japan, appeared in the other markets relatively recently. Generally, these drugs have relatively high cost, but, nevertheless, they have snapped shoppers. Why is the Japanese cosmetics is so popular? 

First of all, it attracts customers excellent quality of products, based on strict control, adopted in Japan. In this state, the law is very severely regulates this area. Many large companies are specifically emphasize that their cosmetic lines approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, to receive the official status can only be the concern, which has its own research laboratory and modern production base. Therefore, the Japanese cosmetics researchers are engaged in the development of international renown. For some discoveries in this area, they even received the Nobel Prize. As an example, Koichi tonaki awarded with the highest award for the invention of the method of soft laser desorption macromolecular compounds. The opening "brought to mind" in FORLLE'D lab where they make Japanese cosmetics containing low-molecular platinum. 

The second important advantage of Japanese cosmetics -. Minimum content of various preservatives, colors, flavors, etc. This is why products from the Land of the Rising Sun very rarely can cause allergic reactions. But many products contain a unique combination of herbal extracts, vitamins and amino acids that provide deep cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. In addition, the Japanese cosmetics often include some incredible ingredients that help to maintain not only the good condition of the skin, but also to rejuvenate it. There are lines of Japanese cosmetics comprising Nanocolloids gold and platinum. Getting into the layers of the epidermis, precious metal microparticles contribute to the normalization of cell division. Runs a regeneration process that is very effective for mature and aging skin. Also in the Japanese cosmetics common placenta extract - one of the most effective devices used for rejuvenation. Preparations still contain hyaluronic acid, squalane, collagen, and other biologically active components that make skin elastic, supple and healthy. 

As a rule, the use of Japanese cosmetics involves several stages of care. Much attention is paid to the purification, food (day and night preparations vary in influence) (in the same procedure several tools can be used). Several times a week the women who use the Japanese cosmetics, used emulsion or serum specific action (for oily skin, age, etc.).

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