Dry skin: Japanese care approcah and tips from Japan.

Dry skin requires special care. And it's not just a more thorough moisturizing. An integrated approach is needed to maintain it in good condition and preserve youth and health. Let's try to figure out what harms dry skin the most, how to deal with it, and most importantly, by following the recommendations of Japanese cosmetologists, you can prolong your youth and keep naughty dry skin in good condition.

Dry skin: the main problems and the complexity of care.

  1. Washing, in particular deep cleansing and use of soap, have a perceptible negative effect. This kind of cleaning is a great stress for dry skin, especially if you wash with cold water in the winter.
  2. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has a very negative effect on the condition of dry skin. This applies equally to visiting the solarium, and to stay in direct sunlight. Dry skin is especially sensitive to the effects of this kind.
  3. Try to avoid diets and medications (including medications, unnecessarily) that have a pronounced diuretic effect. This kind of drugs literally pump out moisture from the body and very quickly dehydrate the skin.
  4. Try to avoid being in rooms with low humidity, especially in winter. In the northern climate, this is quite problematic, but it is possible to use special air humidifiers. In case you buy them, it seems problematic for one reason or another - you can simply place ordinary buckets or water containers in close proximity to batteries and heaters in the apartment.

It is also extremely important to follow the special recommendations of cosmetologists for dry skin, and also not to neglect the special Japanese cosmetic products to support dry skin, which will be discussed later in our article.

Recommendations for dry skin: a look of a beautician.

Owners of dry skin should pay special attention to daily care. Following the simple and simple rules developed by Japanese cosmetologists and using special products for dry skin from Japan, you can maintain it in perfect condition for many years. So:

  • Avoid cleansing products containing alkali or alcohol. At the same time try before washing to use milk, which will help protect you from hard water from the tap. So, you can use milk with coenzyme Q10 In Japan, there is no such problem, because All the water from the tap is “soft,” but this problem is relevant for almost all other countries. If possible, use mineral water to wash dry skin. For the same reason, you should avoid swimming pools with chlorinated water, and if you still visit it - be sure to wash after the pool and apply good moisturizers, such as Cosmedica extra moisturizer.
  • Remember the need for regular care, complex nutrition and hydration and the use of Japanese cosmetics that help dry skin recover from stress. Collagen, hyaluronic acid and placenta, here are your faithful allies in the fight against time and age. Pay your attention to Gokujun cream with structured hyaluronic acid. In this case, the use of fat creams with an overly saturated texture in the case of dry skin is undesirable, especially in the summer season.
  • Follow the general guidelines and do not ignore the effects of ultraviolet rays. Use SPF Sanskrins and creams to protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun, which dry skin is so susceptible to. In Japan, there are many tools for such care - among other things, recommends Perlick cosmetics from photo-aging.
  • As an optimal means of cleansing dry skin, Japanese cosmetologists recommend hydrophilic oils. In Japan, Celsoin oil is extremely popular with an innovative composition, specially developed for dry skin.
  • Consume enough water. For normal functioning, your body and your skin need at least two liters of water. Please note that drinks such as juices or tea are not included in this norm, because it is so important to drink purified, high-quality water in sufficient quantities every day.
  • Avoid (or at least try) to avoid stress and anxiety. All of these emotional states affect your health and directly your skin.
  • Try not to neglect these tips and soon you will feel the difference. Try to pay more attention to yourself and the health of your skin and look at things positively. You may not have won the genetic lottery, but you can make the necessary dry skin care a pleasant pastime, using innovative Japanese designs specifically for dry skin. Appreciate what you have, and do not cease to strive for new heights!

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