Skin type: how to identify it correctly?

If the cosmetic is not universal, it is very important not to be mistaken with the choice. It is important that it suits your skin type. But how to determine what type of skin you have, if you do not have complete confidence, and you don’t have time to go to a beautician? Each skin type has its own characteristics. Let's try to sort out this issue.

Normal skin type: its features.

 You do not experience discomfort, your skin is pleasant to the touch, no significant changes occur to it during the day.

 Your skin has certain sebaceous secretions, but it does not lead to oily shine or dilated / clogged pores.

 At the same time, your skin still needs basic care. It can not be allowed to drift. Pay attention to the Wasser with hydrogen cosmetics for owners of normal skin, which will please you every day with its lightness and quality of effects on the skin of the face.

Dry skin type: its features.

 You often come across peeling and irritations, which occur especially often during the cold season.

 You periodically have a feeling of skin tightness. Especially often it happens immediately after waking up.

 The first tiny wrinkles appear relatively early. At the same time, enlarged pores are practically not observed.

 You need special care for dry skin with sufficient moisture, but not excessive and not excessive. Solve the main problem of dry skin - an increased sensitivity to cleansing. In Japan, Celsoin oil is extremely popular with an innovative composition, specially developed for dry skin.

Oily skin: its features.

 Acne or inflammation periodically forms on the skin.

 You regularly encounter the problem of black spots or wen forming on the face.

 In just 1-2 hours after washing, you already feel an unpleasant heaviness on the skin of the face, and the skin itself becomes greasy.

 Oily skin needs special care. For toning and supporting oily skin, Curel lotion with a special composition is best suited to solve the problems of complex skin types with the help of therapeutic effects and medical effects.

Combined skin type: its features.

 With this type of skin, everything is more or less simple. The combination of the features of the above types allow us to conclude that you have combination skin.

 Combination leather needs special care. For combination skin, the placental mask of the manufacturer Laennec, JBP Corporation, with abundant impregnation from natural placental extract is ideal.

How to determine my skin type?

The test to determine the type of skin is quite simple. First, reread all the above signs. The presence of one or another set of them automatically assigns you to a particular group. But there is another, more visual option. When you wake up in the morning, immediately sweep your skin with a tissue of delicate thin paper. If you have a greasy imprint, then you have oily skin. If after a night's sleep, the imprint is not in principle, then dry. And if the imprint is but barely noticeable - you have normal skin. True, most often the girls have combination skin - and she, as mentioned earlier, requires special care.

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