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The healing properties of gold have been known since ancient times. Many centuries ago in Tibet powder of this metal was used for medicinal purposes. And the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used gold makeup in everyday life. Even Cleopatra was very enthusiastic about gold make-up, which returned to her youth. But we live in the 21st century, and, of course, modern scientists do not just copy the old recipes. Rather they choose to invent a completely new products with high efficacy and safety to health. What is now a golden cosmetics? 

Doctors noticed that gold is able to repair damaged areas of the skin in people suffering from cancer and immune diseases. Intrigued by this precious metal properties, scientists created a colloidal gold - a substance consisting of micro-particles. Nanocolloids of tiny size become the part of a gold makeup, that should be applied mainly for aging skin. This material was added in various creams, serums, essences. The microparticles have a pronounced effect of regenerating. Moreover, they help to penetrate the layers of the epidermis other useful components, such as plant extracts, vitamins, amino acids, etc. In other words, Gold Cosmetics enhances moisturizing and nourishing effect exerted by other active ingredients. 

Advantages of the gold makeup are obvious: 

Gold is a natural antibacterial agent and an excellent antioxidant. Therefore, it reduces active oxygen's effect on the body, prevents inflammation of the skin. 

Gold microparticles in the Japanese Gold Cosmetics are well compatible with the structure of epidermal cells. Therefore, these particles penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Comparing to other golden cosmetics, it's 50-70% more effective . And last but not the least, gold has virtually no contraindications. 

As noted, the gold cosmetics enhances and prolongs the effect of various components in a cream or essence. 

Nanocolloids start the regeneration process, which leads to skin renewal. For instance, it improves blood circulation, normalizes the process of cell division, wrinkles, diminish age spots. The skin becomes more elastic. The result of using gold makeup can be compared with the result of the procedure of lifting of a good beautician. But you can apply makeup and a gold at home. 

Our online store offers the luxury cosmetic products made in Japan. Previously, these products were not available for other markets. But now you have a unique opportunity to acquire innovative developments from the most famous laboratories of Japan.

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