Effective care for the skin around the eyes: subtleties and tips.

The skin around the eyes is a gentle and sensitive area that requires a special approach and daily painstaking care, especially with age. The skin around the eyes is less than half a millimeter thick, without sebaceous glands, with a high density of microvessels, so wrinkles and “crow's feet” are so easily and easily formed on it. How to avoid these signs of aging? Let's try to see what the options are.

Japanese skin care around the eyes: features of effective care.

The skin around the eyes requires systematic care and constant monitoring - watch your eyes, do not miss the slightest sign of age-related changes and immediately sound the alarm if something happens. For the prevention of problems with the skin under the eyes should follow simple recommendations:

  • Remove all makeup every evening, always cleansing and toning the skin after removing makeup.
  • Use a proven, high-quality and most importantly soft and gentle means of cleansing the skin around the eyes - remember, this is extremely important in the case of such a sensitive area. Suppose a gold lotion with nanocalloid.
  • The skin around the eyes is especially vulnerable because she very quickly loses moisture. There are no sebaceous glands, for this reason the skin is not able to compensate for the loss on its own. Use rich cream Direya, which not only moisturizes and revitalizes the skin around the eyes, but also protects it from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Do not neglect the serums - in Japan there are wonderful and effective serums around the eyes for daily care - by the way, very affordable.

Follow these simple rules of care, and you will feel the difference very soon. In the case of any problem other than prescriptions and recommendations, one should not forget about contraindications. What not to do and what to avoid in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin around the eyes. Let's take a brief overview of these points.

Eye care: what should be avoided.

If you want to keep healthy skin around the eyes as long as possible, choose only high-quality Japanese eye care products and follow these simple guidelines that you have developed for effective skin care around your eyes:

  1. DO NOT use face products, first of all makeup, with expired shelf life. Keep track of the period on the package when opening and the recommended period of use after opening the package.
  2. DO NOT use products intended for the skin of the face, unless their use is permitted by the instructions. Even the best facial creams from Japan are in most cases not suitable for very specific and delicate skin around the eyes.
  3. DO NOT neglect sleep. Healthy sleep is a guarantee of good skin around the eyes. If you sleep incorrectly or do not get enough sleep, first of all, it is the skin around the eyes that will suffer, and the second - your face. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, select the optimal pillow for sleeping orthopedic type.

Eye bags and swelling: how to deal with them.

A separate serious problem in the care of the skin around the eyes is the bags and puffy symptoms that form in this problem area. Usually, these symptoms speak of metabolic imbalances, problems with excessive salt intake, but there may be complications with the kidneys or the heart - do not ignore such opportunities. In any case, the easiest way to correct such problems is to reduce the consumption of salty food and not add salt to the food (it is usually there in sufficient form).

To eliminate puffiness of the skin around the eyes, we recommend periodically to carry out a light gentle massage in the direction from the middle zone of the century to the corners of the eyes. This is a simple and effective remedy for the elimination of puffiness problems, which does not require any costs and is available to absolutely everyone - all you need is perseverance and a good memory to remember to do it every day. To remove puffiness more quickly, you can try special eye patches from Japan, which smooth fine wrinkles, remove puffiness and blue around eyes

Do not spare the time and effort to care for the skin around the eyes, and the Japanese means to effectively care for the skin around the eyes will help you do this more efficiently and with the least amount of time and effort

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