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Each month we publish shipping reports for ourcustomers. We ship dozens of parcels all over the world. Publishing tracking numbersdoes not infringe any privacy rights, however they can prove that all goods areshipped directly from Japan and that they were delivered to our customers inother countries. You can track and check any tracking number on EMS Japanwebsite or on the website of the National Post operator of the destinationcountry.

We ship worldwide. Ourcustomer geography covers more than 60 countries (as you may see on the mapbelow). We ship mainly in Western and Central Europe, USA and Canada, NIS andRussia. We also ship to such countries as Serbia, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago.For countries where EMS delivery is unavailable we ship by airmail.   

Fig. 1. Customer Geography (2010-2020).




WE WORK ONLINE AND SHIP WORLDWIDE SINCE 2011 - Our Website with Japanese Cosmetics works from 2013 Year -*/  Our website with Japanese vitamins and medicine works form 2011 Year*/ 

You can track numbers via the following link:


EMS Japan Post online Service(English):


Below you can find thedetailed shipping report for previous months. Code  –JP at the end oftracking number means the country which ship goods (JP. Japan). The following prefixes EG, EJ, EA standfor different types of EMS. CD- RA- stand for airmail service.



DATE Tracking Number Country Feedback
2020.10.29 RA079677855JP Austria Thank you for order update
2020.10.29 EG741243880JP UK Thanks for fast shipping
2020.10.27 RA079678153JP Malaysia Got tracking yesterday, thaks.
2020.10.27 RA079678140JP Sweden Swift shipping, thanks!
2020.10.23 RA079678122JP Thailand Lactis helps my Dad, great product
2020.10.22 RA079678096JP Germany good quality
2020.10.22 RA079678105JP Spain Both quality and service are outstanding
2020.10.20 CD408137235JP Russia Original product at good price.
2020.10.19 RA071734870JP France Very good package, safe shipping.
2020.10.16 RA071734897JP UK Thank you for japanese service.
2020.10.15 EG741243859JP Bulgaria Thank you for your servive.
2020.10.12 RA071734923JP Spain I shall order again!
2020.10.07 RA071734937JP Azerbaijan Very good service.
2020.10.06 RA071734954JP Kazakhstan Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
2020.10.05 RA071734971JP Italy Received parcel today, thank you.
2020.10.02 RA071735005JP Thailand Got my touchi extract, hope it works.
2020.10.02 RA071734999JP Switzerland Bought original Melsmon, thanks.
2020.10.01 RA059596282JP Lithuania Goods receivied, thanks.
2020.10.01 CD424966350JP Russia Thank you for your work!
2020.09.30 RA059596217JP Latvia Great medicine, thank you.
2020.09.29 RA069953029JP France No additional custom dues, as was stated
2020.09.25 RA069952916JP Kazakhstan Thank you, thank you very much.
2020.09.25 RA069953063JP Poland Japanese quality is the best ever,
2020.09.25 RA069953077JP Switzerland Thanks, package delivered today
2020.09.21 RA071734818JP Hungary Got goods, best regards!
2020.09.21 RA071734804JP Bulgaria I wish you great business!
2020.09.21 RA071734795JP Spain Price for Lactis is really low!
2020.09.18 CD392611477JP Russia You socmetiics is the best, I am your client
2020.09.17 EG741243845JP Malaysia Prices arte lower than in pharmacies
2020.09.16 RA071734821JP UK Real japanese service,
2020.09.12 RA071734835JP Germany Bought gammalon for my child. Thanks!
2020.09.12 RA071734849JP Latvia High quality cosmetics, real vip product
2020.09.10 RA071734852JP Thailand Adant is 5 times cheaper than in russia
2020.09.08 RA071734631JP UK Got laennec today. Original product, confirm.
2020.09.08 EG741243831JP Canada Good present, good shop.
2020.09.08 RA071734778JP Qatar Touchi helped my mother
2020.09.07 RA071734659JP France thank you, goods delivered in 8 days
2020.09.07 RA071734645JP Luxemburg Thanks for chondroitin
2020.09.04 RA071734662JP Kazakhstan Nice to have business with you.
2020.09.02 RA071734680JP Germany Thank you for original melsmon.
2020.08.31 RA071734702JP Poland Goods received,
2020.08.31 RA071734693JP France Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2020.08.29 RA071734733JP UK Great quality at optimal price
2020.08.29 RA071734716JP Korea S. Thanks a lot!
2020.08.29 RA071734747JP Bosnia Goods delivered on time.
2020.08.28 CD412623445JP USA Thank you fo great work.
2020.08.27 RA071734530JP Lithuania I am in love with Melsmon!
2020.08.27 RA071734543JP Vietnam Laennec is efficient. Use for 2 years
2020.08.25 CD412623437JP Australia Bought fucoidan, great effect.
2020.08.22 EG741243814JP Switzerland Got parcel after 12 days! That was long
2020.08.20 RA069931023JP Thailand Gammalon shows effect. Thank you.
2020.08.20 CD412623542JP Russia Got goods.
2020.08.20 RA071734588JP Singapore Great japanese service.
2020.08.18 RA071734591JP Netherlands Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
2020.08.18 RA071734605JP UK Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
2020.08.16 RA071734628JP Bulgaria Very polite staff.
2020.08.16 RA069046347JP New Zealand Got goods, tmany thanks.
2020.08.12 RA069046320JP Thailand very effective pain killer EVE
2020.08.10 RA069046302JP Latvia Bought minophagen, good thing!
2020.08.10 RA069046293JP Singapore Pleasant staff. Shall use this store
2020.08.06 CD332295335JP Kazakhstan Package received today. Thank you
2020.08.05 RA069046228JP Spain Proffesional support, great store.
2020.08.03 CD332295327JP USA The best service I ever dealt with.
2020.08.01 RA069046191JP Estonia High quality sream and essence.
2020.07.30 RA069046188JP Lithuania I love baby foot! No match for chinese fake
2020.07.27 RA069046506JP Indonesia Ordered lactis, great supplement.
2020.07.27 RA069046174JP Poland Wide choice and pleasant attitude
2020.07.24 RA069046483JP Czech Very good store,
2020.07.22 RA069046452JP Thailand Japan is number one! Thank you.
2020.07.21 CD393207184JP Russia Cosmetics is outstanding and great
2020.07.20 EG743049495JP Vietnam Reliable business partner.
2020.07.15 RA069046435JP Luxemburg Got in 1 week. Thank you.
2020.07.15 RA069046421JP Finland Very good cure, I advice to use it
2020.07.15 RA069046449JP Bulgaria VIP quality and support.
2020.07.13 RA069046395JP Thailand Good parcel without problems or custom dues
2020.07.12 RA069046381JP Bulgaria Great precise work.
2020.07.12 CD392613314JP USA Got in 4 days, thank you.
2020.07.12 CD392613291JP Russia Goods received,
2020.07.09 RA069046364JP Norway Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2020.07.09 RA069046378JP Singapore Great quality at optimal price
2020.07.07 RR069046355JP Belgium Thanks a lot!
2020.07.05 RR456258732JP Germany Got parcel yesterday.
2020.07.05 RR456258746JP UK I lost 5kg!! Thak you.
2020.07.03 CD392610692JP Russia Wide choice of goods,
2020.07.03 CD392610689JP USA got parcek yesterday
2020.07.02 RR456258750JP Hong Kong Why the courier did not leave the notice?!
2020.07.02 RR456258777JP Canada Shiseido is number one!
2020.07.01 RR456258794JP Singapore Lactis price is really low!
2020.07.01 RR456258785JP Poland Arigato!!
2020.06.29 RR456258817JP Thailand Got parcel today, I loiked the present
2020.06.26 RR456258834JP Latvia Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2020.06.26 CD392613518JP Russia Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2020.06.24 RR456258865JP Germany Extract touchi is best choice.
2020.06.24 RR456258851JP Canada Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
2020.06.19 RR456258879JP Belgium BB essence is the best I ever bought
2020.06.19 RR456258905JP Spain Competetive price for Melsmon
2020.06.17 RR456258882JP Germany Very nice shop.
2020.06.17 RR456258936JP Philippines Bought with discount!
2020.06.16 RR456258953JP Thailand It is nice to have business with you.
2020.06.16 RR456258940JP Germany Thank you. Received today.
2020.06.14 RR456258984JP France DX melsmon cream is a miracle.
2020.06.12 RA069046038JP Switzerland Purchase gammalon for 2 years. It works
2020.06.08 RA069046055JP Germany You asked to notify you once I get goods.
2020.06.08 RA069046069JP Hong Kong Cancelled the order, got money back.
2020.06.08 EG741243774JP Canada A reliable business partner
2020.06.05 CD403861376JP USA Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
2020.06.02 CD403861345JP Russia Thank you.
2020.05.31 CD403861291JP Luxemburg Great shop and potile staff
2020.05.31 CD403861328JP Russia Japanese service.
2020.05.31 CD403861288JP Latvia Very good store and products
2020.05.28 CD403861265JP USA Baby foot is my favourite!
2020.05.27 CD403861243JP Kazakhstan Gammalon received
2020.05.26 RA069046072JP Thailand Original goods at reasanable price
2020.05.24 RA069046086JP Hong Kong Thank you for your attitude.
2020.05.24 CD403861212JP Australia Got parcel, thank you Alex!
2020.05.24 CD403861226JP Hungary Shiseido is number one!
2020.05.22 CD393207140JP UK Lactis price is really low!
2020.05.21 RA069046090JP Taiwan Arigato!!
2020.05.20 CD392611239JP USA Got parcel today, I loiked the present
2020.05.17 CD392610905JP UAE Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
2020.05.15 RA069046109JP Germany Bought origiinal product. Love it.
2020.05.14 RA069046112JP Thailand Extract touchi is best choice.
2020.05.13 RA069046126JP Canada Thanks for gift, bath salt is great