Our Customers in January

Shipping report, our customers in January 2019

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DATE EMS Number Country Feedback
2019.01.30 RX027521098JP Russia Great medicine, thank you.
2019.01.29 RR421164592JP Laos Thank you for your work!
2019.01.29 EG669492836JP Russia Goods receivied, thanks.
2019.01.29 EG669492822JP Russia Thank you for japanese service.
2019.01.29 RX027737001JP Russia Thank you for your servive.
2019.01.27 RR421164589JP Kazakhstan I shall order again!
2019.01.25 RX026961178JP Russia Very good service.
2019.01.23 RX027305006JP Canada Raplied all questions and adviced best options.
2019.01.22 RX027342525JP Spain Received parcel today, thank you.
2019.01.22 RX026623334JP Russia Got my touchi extract, hope it works.
2019.01.22 RX027279310JP Russia Bought original Melsmon, thanks.
2019.01.22 RX027182783JP Russia Very good package, safe shipping.
2019.01.22 RX026517429JP Israel Original product at good price.
2019.01.20 EG669492765JP Russia Both quality and service are outstanding
2019.01.17 EG669492748JP Russia good quality
2019.01.16 RR421164796JP Kazakhstan Lactis helps my Dad, great product
2019.01.16 RR421164819JP USA Swift shipping, thanks!
2019.01.15 EJ678467769JP Russia Got parcel yesterday, thaks.
2019.01.15 EJ678467755JP Russia Got goods without any problems, as promissed
2019.01.15 RX026137377JP Ukraine Package was torn but goods were not harmed
2019.01.14 RA017781456JP Kazakhstan No additional custom dues, as was stated
2019.01.14 RR421164822JP Kazakhstan Thank you, thank you very much.
2019.01.11 RA017781487JP Spain Japanese quality is the best ever,
2019.01.11 RA017781473JP Lithuania Thanks, package delivered today
2019.01.11 RX026301952JP Russia Got goods, best regards!
2019.01.10 RX026393477JP Russia I wish you great business!
2019.01.09 RX026488104JP China Price for Lactis is really low!
2019.01.09 RX025735921JP Germany You socmetiics is the best, I am your client
2019.01.07 RX025793093JP Kazakhstan Prices arte lower than in pharmacies
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