Couldn't find the right nude kohl? Use this trick to fake it!

Many women know that the using the nude kohl onto the inner eyelid helps to visually enlarge and "highlight" the eye and make the whole face to look more rested and healthy. However, the searching of a suitable pencilis a hard thing to do. Too light, whitish color looks alien-like. Too reddish one makes the eyes look crying. Many pencils are too dry, they give the pigment poorly, you have to draw the line again and again, and it's very traumatical for the inner eyelid. Moreover, many pencils tend not to last long.

Use this trick from the leading Japanese make-up artist: slightly draw a line on the inner eyelid with a ... concealer in stick! Like all the foundations, good concealers are resistant to small amounts of water, so this "eyeliner" will hold on as long as you need! In addition, consealer doesn't irritate the eyes, as the concealer formula is originally designed to contact with trouble spots, irritation and acne.

You can purchase the following perfectly suitable concealers in our store:

-Shiseido MAQuillAGE Concealer Stick EX,

-Shiseido Integrate Gracy Concealer.

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