Cosmetics from Japan: Solve the Eastern Enigma

Cosmetic products from the Land of the Rising Sun is well known all over the world, but not in Russia. Our market leading Japanese brands emerged relatively recently. Therefore, many women do not quite understand the Japanese skin care system is significantly different from the European one. And the composition of cosmetics from Japan also raises many questions from shoppers who are not familiar with these products. In this article we will try to shed light on the characteristics of cosmetics from Japan - all these wonderful serums, creams and other tools that can restore skin health and youth.

Probably every girl, inflicting a daily make-up, has left cleansing tonic. But cosmetics from Japan, designed to cleanse the skin, includes a wide range of drugs. The basic principle of this system - the first stage make-up dissolved one agent and then used to wash the other. From the point of view of science such care is more correct than the single. Since the substances are dissolved first, and then the pigment, sebum and other dirt washed off gently. Cosmetics from Japan very carefully refers to the skin, especially age. Therefore, most of the products contain ingredients that promote not only deep cleansing, moisturizing and with the restoration of the hydrolipid mantle.

Another important part of care - a hydration. By the way, the most popular cosmetics in Japan, set up to provide humidification - is lotions. Cream Japanese understanding are likely to nourish and protect the skin from harmful environmental influences (UV rays, toxins, etc.). The structure of many nanomolecules lotions include gold, platinum, and other biologically active ingredients. Cosmetics from Japan, including special complexes of substances, not only retains moisture, but also helps to rejuvenate. The microparticles are useful substances penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, triggering the regenerative processes. Separately, by the way, it is worth mentioning such cosmetics from Japan, as the serum. These funds - a real "first aid" in situations where an urgent need to bring her face in order. Sera are different activities, but particularly interesting preparations with instant lifting effect. In addition, the constant use of cosmetics in Japan, in particular, serum smoothes wrinkles, removes unwanted pigmentation, smoothes skin, restores its firmness and elasticity.

Choosing cosmetics from Japan, look at brands such as Obagi, Hakudza, La Mente, FORLLE'D. Of course, cheap products of these concerns can not be called. But the effect will exceed all your expectations, because cosmetics from Japan - it's just a great combination of innovation and quality.

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