Combined skin: a Japanese care approach.

Combined skin is most common. This is the most popular skin type, and, at the same time, the most difficult in terms of care. Different areas of the skin with this type of skin exhibit different features. Suppose the skin of the forehead can dry and flake, and the skin of the nose can be inflamed and excessively oily. For this reason, it is so important to choose cosmetics that are universal and suitable for application to all areas of the skin of the face.

Recommendations of Japanese cosmetologists for combination skin.

First, the combination skin has one very unpleasant feature. In the winter months it is necessary to care for her, observing the standards of dry skin care. In the summer, on the contrary, follow the instructions of cosmetologists for oily skin care. This is a general situation that, to one degree or another, must be followed in order to achieve an optimal cosmetic effect.

Secondly, use special tools to ensure the matte skin, say - matting wipes from Japan. These wipes solve the problem of oily shine on the face very effectively and do not create an additional burden on the skin, as does a number of cosmetics.

Thirdly, you need a high-quality skin cleansing. Refer to the special medical lotion Curel, which is designed for problem and combination skin. It provides a fairly effective cleansing and minimal skin irritation with a minimum of ballast components.

How to choose a moisturizing treatment for combination skin.

Let's look at the latest innovations and bestsellers from Japan - for a visual comparison, take the interesting innovative tools developed for combination skin - moisturizing treatment gel, light cream with proteoglycans, as well as Japanese face mask with placenta extract.

  • Gel. The choice of Japanese products for the care of combination skin is quite wide. Quite popular is the gel for combination skin Kurel, providing deep moisturizing, and at the same time taking into account the features of this skin type. This tool is popular in Japan for more than one year and continues to be a gold bestseller.
  • Cream. Another interesting option for combination skin is LaViPre cream with proteoglycans. Very soft, gentle in composition, it has a pleasant texture and does not overload your skin. The cream contains only natural active ingredients, such as salmon proteoglycans, organic apple extract, as well as rare macadamia oil and squalane.
  • Mask. When choosing a moisturizer, you should not forget about face masks. For combination skin, the placental mask of the manufacturer Laennec, JBP Corporation, with abundant impregnation from natural placental extract is ideal. Try these masks and your idea of ​​face masks can change dramatically.

What not to do if you have a combination skin.

The right choice of Japanese products for the care of combination skin is very important. But do not forget to follow the recommendations and precautions of Japanese cosmetologists, which in no case can not be violated.

  1. Do not use hot water for washing. Regular use of hot water threatens the loss of skin elasticity and premature aging. This is true not only for the combined skin type, but also for all others.
  2. Do not use excess makeup, primarily to mask the gloss of problem areas. You risk provoking severe irritation and get marks on the skin from acne.
  3. Try to avoid using antibacterial soap. Its active ingredients have a negative effect on the combined skin type, and the excessive dryness that it can cause will negatively affect the level of acidity and the water balance of the skin.
  4. Follow the simple guidelines and do not ignore the advice of cosmetologists. And on the way to perfection, specialized therapeutic and cosmetic products from Japan for the care of combination skin will help you.

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