Our Customers in December

Shipping report, our customers in December 2018

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2018.12.28 EG299315096JP Russia Real japanese service,
2018.12.28 EG299315082JP France Bought gammalon for my child. Thanks!
2018.12.24 RA017781589JP Australia High quality cosmetics, real vip product
2018.12.24 EG299315065JP Ukraine Adant is 5 times cheaper than in russia
2018.12.21 EG299315051JP Russia Got laennec today. Original product, confirm.
2018.12.21 EJ678468194JP Bulgaria Good present, good shop.
2018.12.20 RA017781601JP Singapore Touchi helped my mother
2018.12.20 EG299315048JP Russia thank you, goods delivered in 8 days
2018.12.19 EG299315034JP Azerbaijan Thanks for chondroitin
2018.12.19 RX024839718JP USA Nice to have business with you.
2018.12.18 RA017871629JP Kazakhstan Thank you for original melsmon.
2018.12.18 EG299315017JP Russia Goods received,
2018.12.18 RX024085779JP Russia Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
2018.12.14 RA012312425JP USA Great quality at optimal price
2018.12.14 RA012312411JP Russia Thanks a lot!
2018.12.14 RX024376604JP Saudi Arabia Goods delivered on time.
2018.12.14 RX024497426JP Turkey Thank you fo great work.
2018.12.12 RX024668956JP USA I am in love with Melsmon!
2018.12.12 RX024667831JP Hong Kong Laennec is efficient. Use for 2 years
2018.12.11 EJ678468296JP Ukraine Bought fucoidan, great effect.
2018.12.9 EG299315431JP Russia Got parcel after 12 days! That was long
2018.12.9 EG299315445JP Russia Gammalon shows effect. Thank you.
2018.12.9 EG299315462JP Russia Got goods.
2018.12.7 EG299315414JP Russia Great japanese service.
2018.12.7 CD323478429JP Kazakhstan Promt delivery and no additional taxes!
2018.12.5 RA012312323JP Belarus Waited for reply for 1 day, but feedback is good
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