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31.01.2017 RR421162565JP Russia Proffesional support, great store.
31.01.2017 RR421162557JP Thailand The best service I ever dealt with.
31.01.2017 RR421162543JP Russia High quality sream and essence.
31.01.2017 RR421162574JP Russia I love baby foot! No match for chinese fake
31.01.2017 RR421162530JP Kazakhstan Ordered lactis, great supplement.
31.01.2017 RR421162588JP Russia Wide choice and pleasant attitude
31.01.2017 EG462002360JP Russia Very good store,
31.01.2017 EG462002373JP Russia Japan is number one! Thank you.
30.01.2017 RR421162591JP Russia Cosmetics is outstanding and great
30.01.2017 EG462002356JP Ukraine Reliable business partner.
29.01.2017 EG462002308JP Russia Got in 1 week. Thank you.
24.01.2017 RR421162605JP Malaysia Very good cure, I advice to use it
24.01.2017 RR421162614JP Turkmenistan VIP quality and support.
24.01.2017 EG462002339JP Russia Good parcel without problems or custom dues
24.01.2017 EG462002325JP Ukraine Great precise work.
24.01.2017 EG462002342JP Russia Got in 4 days, thank you.
24.01.2017 EG462002311JP Russia Goods received,
24.01.2017 RR421162628JP Armenia Bought present for wife, she is delighted.
24.01.2017 EG462002299JP Russia Great quality at optimal price
21.01.2017 RR421162631JP Bulgaria Thanks a lot!
21.01.2017 EG462002285JP Russia Got parcel yesterday.
20.01.2017 RR478049435JP USA I lost 5kg!! Thak you.
20.01.2017 RR478049444JP South Korea Wide choice of goods,
20.01.2017 EG462002271JP Germany got parcek yesterday
19.01.2017 RR904017213JP Canada Why the courier did not leave the notice?!
19.01.2017 RR478049489JP Russia Shiseido is number one!
19.01.2017 EG462002268JP Russia Lactis price is really low!
18.01.2017 RR478049458JP USA Arigato!!
18.01.2017 RR478049475JP Russia Got parcel today, I loiked the present
18.01.2017 RR478049461JP USA Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
18.01.2017 EG462002254JP Russia Bought origiinal product. Love it.
18.01.2017 EG462002245JP Mexico Extract touchi is best choice.
15.01.2017 RR478049550JP Egypt Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
15.01.2017 RR478049546JP USA BB essence is the best I ever bought
15.01.2017 RR478049515JP USA Competetive price for Melsmon
15.01.2017 RR478049529JP Germany Very nice shop.
15.01.2017 RR478049532JP Germany Bought with discount!
15.01.2017 RR478049501JP Russia It is nice to have business with you.
15.01.2017 RR478049492JP Russia Thank you. Received today.
15.01.2017 EG462002223JP Russia DX melsmon cream is a miracle.
15.01.2017 EG462002197JP Russia Purchase gammalon for 2 years. It works
15.01.2017 EG462002237JP Russia You asked to notify you once I get goods.
15.01.2017 EG462002210JP Ukraine Cancelled the order, got money back.
13.01.2017 RR478049577JP Russia A reliable business partner
13.01.2017 RR478049563JP Czech Republic Courier brought parcel 2 hours ago.
13.01.2017 EG462002206JP Cyprus Thank you.
12.01.2017 RR478049585JP United Kingdom Great shop and potile staff
12.01.2017 EG462002183JP Russia Japanese service.
10.01.2017 RR478049634JP USA Very good store and products
10.01.2017 RR478049617JP USA Baby foot is my favourite!
10.01.2017 RR478049594JP USA Gammalon received
10.01.2017 RR478049603JP Russia Original goods at reasanable price
10.01.2017 RR478049625JP Russia Thank you for your attitude.
10.01.2017 EG462002166JP USA Got parcel, thank you Alex!
10.01.2017 EG462002135JP Germany Shiseido is number one!
10.01.2017 EG462002149JP Russia Lactis price is really low!
10.01.2017 EG462002121JP Russia Arigato!!
10.01.2017 EG462002170JP USA Got parcel today, I loiked the present
10.01.2017 EG462002152JP USA Couries brought goods. You asked to e-mail you.
03.01.2017 RR478049648JP Russia Bought origiinal product. Love it.
03.01.2017 RR478049651JP USA Extract touchi is best choice.
03.01.2017 EG462002095JP Russia Thanks for gift, bath salt is great
03.01.2017 EG462002118JP Russia BB essence is the best I ever bought
03.01.2017 EG462002081JP Ukraine Competetive price for Melsmon
03.01.2017 EG462002104JP USA Very nice shop.
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