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With age, skin care becomes more and more difficult, since age-related care requires an integrated approach, a lot of time and effort. Young girls look good by nature - they have young and healthy skin, healthy complexion, clear and taut contours. With age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep yourself in proper shape. But this does not mean that you should give up and surrender to the mercy of time. It is important to remember that your appearance is a direct result of your efforts and painstaking daily work on your appearance.

The main age problems of the skin.

In fact, after 20-25 years in the body fails begin. Gradually and imperceptibly, the aging process starts. Age-related changes gradually accumulate over 15–20 years, and by the age of 35–40, they usually appear in all without exception. The following are the main problems that age skin faces:

 - deficiency of skin nutrients due to aging of cellular structures and slagging of tissues.

 - reduced elasticity and elasticity of the skin due to the thickening of collagen fibers and the lack of nutrients.

 - insufficient moisture of the skin caused by a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands, especially in the facial area.

 - lipid imbalance caused by dehydration and nutritional deficiencies.

 - thinning of the skin and the occurrence of fine wrinkles, wrinkle grids, as well as pronounced mimic wrinkles.

This is not a complete list of biological problems that inevitably arise in aging skin in the process of aging. Fortunately, Japan has developed innovative cosmetics for the rejuvenation and care of aged skin. Innovative cosmetics with blood, Japanese development of cosmetics with stem cells, as well as special anti-wrinkle cosmetics will help you to win time. But it is important not only to use the right care, but also to lead the right way of life.

How to avoid deterioration of the skin? Beauty Tips.

To maintain youth and health of the skin, you should follow the usual recommendations, below you can find a general list of them:

 - do not sit for a long time at the computer

 - to provide yourself enough time to sleep - at least 7-8 hours a day.

 - try to avoid stress and tension, both at home and at work.

 - regularly use effective sanxrin

 - try not to overload yourself with hard work

 - minimize the amount of heavy and fatty foods

 - eliminate all bad habits.

Compliance with these recommendations is not always easy. However, if you are ready for daily work and certain sacrifices for the sake of beauty - your skin will not disappoint you and you will delight and delight those around you for many years.

How to keep skin in good condition after forty? Basic recommendations.

First and foremost, experts recommend paying attention to comprehensive care. Do not be limited to only cream or masks - they are not enough in the case of mature skin. The complex approach consisting of several steps is necessary. In the beginning, you need to clean the skin, using lotions or special milk. This is followed by moisturizing with special lotions or serums. The process is completed with nourishing Japanese creams or facial masks.

Remember that comprehensive care is recommended within a single manufacturer. It is the products of one manufacturer that are designed for a complete integrated approach to maintaining beauty, which leaves no blind spots. Pay your attention to the diamond care Laennec LNC cosmetics. Thanks to Japanese innovative cosmetics, you can look 10 years younger with proper care and following recommendations. Please yourself and loved ones, continue to enjoy life and smile looking in the mirror every morning

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