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  • Sante FX V plus 12 ml - Vitamin and Amino acid Eye support

Sante FX V plus 12 ml - Vitamin and Amino acid Eye support

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Under Sante FX V plus 12 ml, as well as nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, enhanced with seven kinds of active ingredient. 
Nourish eyes, promote tissue metabolism, effectively improves the eye strain, Bloodshot. 
eyes feeling fresh and piercing, and refresh the eyes! 
Support nutrition exhilarating series drops Sante FX V plus continue to work your eyes. 

Prepared by 

Pharmacist Usuda, Daisuke 

Ads responsibility 

045-548-5992 cocokara fine co., Ltd. 

Classification of goods 

[No. 2 of pharmaceutical products: 

Precautions for use (don't do it) 

1. the next person prior to use doctor, pharmacist or registered sellers consult. 
(1) a person who has received medical treatment 
(2) those who have caused the allergic reactions due to drugs 
(3) one of the following symptoms 
Extreme eye pain 
(4) a person who has been following diagnosis 

2. after use, the following symptoms occur if you have the possibility of side effects, so discontinue use immediately and have this document, consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller. 

Related areas symptoms 
Skin rash, irritation, or itching eyes Bloodshot, itchy and swollen, painful toothache 

3. discontinue use if you have this document, consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller. 
(1) if blurred vision has not improved 
(2) If you use five or six days symptoms are not getting better 

Benefits and effects 
Eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, itching, eye diseases prevention (for example, after a swim, the dust and sweat into your eyes), and UV discomfort when wearing endophthalmitis by other means, such as (snow eyes), blurred vision (like with a lot of mucus), eye lid Dermatitis (mabutanotadare), hard contact lenses 

Dosage and administration 
1 times 2-3 drops, 1, 5 or 6 times eye drops to please. 

-Please observe the following precautions. 
(1) may rather result in engorged and felt an unusual glare and excessive use. 
(2) If you want to use in children, to use under the guidance and supervision of their parents or guardians. 
(3) containers to eyes, eyelids and lashes touch don't please (may be mixed with mucus and bacteria to chemical pollution or clouding the). Also, do not use are delirious. 
(4) do not use while wearing soft contact lenses. 
(5) for ophthalmic use. 

Ingredients and quantity 
Ingredients: vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 
Function: the active eye tissue metabolism 

Ingredients: taurine 
Function: the active eye tissue metabolism 

Ingredients: l-aspartic acid potassium 
Work: enhances the tissue respiration of the eyes. 

Ingredients: neostigminmethyl sulfate 
Working: focus control features improved interaction improved and the tiredness of the eyes. 

Ingredients: hydrochloric acid tetrahydrozoline 
Function: reduces redness of the conjunctiva (white part). 

Ingredients: chlorpheniramine maleate 
Function: reduces inflammation of the eyes, eye itching, suppresses the actions of histamine. 

Ingredients: Epsilon - Aminocaproic acid 
Function: reduces the production of substances that cause inflammation. 

Additives of chlorobutanol, dextran, hydroxyethyl cellulose, 
Hypromellose, d-camphor benzalkonium chloride liquid, boric acid 
containing the d-Borneol, l-menthol, pH regulator. 

Storage and handling precautions 
1. stopper tightly in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and keep it. Do not leave in place to maintain the quality of the product, such as near a car or heating appliances which require high temperature. Also, do not use to a high-temperature place the things that may leak chemicals containers is deformed and deteriorated quality of the chemical. 
(2) keep out of children's reach. 
(3) do not swap the other containers. 
(May change the quality or misused. ) 
(4) Please do not shared with others. 
(5) do not use the product usage time limit has expired. In addition, in, even after opening the can just come and use promptly. 
(6) depending on the status of the Save crystal components on the inside of the mouth drops around the container and Cap white there might be. In this case clean gauze wipe, should be used. 

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