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Svelte Fuze

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SVELTE FUZE - a comprehensive system for effective multilateral therapy. SVELTE FUZE- radiotherapy (RF) and electrical stimulation (EMS) in one procedure

Apparatus SVELTE FUZE - in effective multilateral system for therapy, based on a synthesis of the most advanced, efficient technologies. Used safety program this unit, provide effective indexes immediately after a procedure controlled exposure to skin collagen matrix.

The device used 3 latest technology:

- RF-bipolar radiotherapy (controlled heating all layers of the skin and muscles to improve microcirculation, stimulation of neocollagenesis and effective lymphatic drainage of tissues)

- EMS-electromyostimulation interferential waves (use of pulsed currents to treat and restore the natural function of muscles, tissues, nerves, internal organs)

- EMS + RF-double effect - RF technology and EMS in the same session

Basic programs: RF-radiation - has 1 program with 10 levels of exposure; DRA-drainage -has 1 program with 10 levels of exposure; EMS- electromyostimulation - has 3 programs: - EMS 01-slimming - EMS 02-lifting - EMS-03 basic course

Integrated programs: - EMS 01 + RF-slimming and skin regeneration + reinforcement structures, the treatment of skin atony - EMS 02 + RF-lifting + increase skin elasticity, correction of body contours - EMS 03 + RF-base rate + improvement of cellular metabolism (dynamic effect ), decongesting

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