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  • Red Eye, Fatigue Care - Lycee 8 ml

Red Eye, Fatigue Care - Lycee 8 ml

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♦ efficacy and effects
Discomfort when seated conjunctival hyperemia, itching, eye fatigue, eye diseases prevention (for example, after a swim, the dust and sweat into your eyes) and hard contact lenses, UV radiation by means of other endophthalmitis (snow, etc), eye lid Dermatitis (mabutanotadare), blurred vision (like with a lot of mucus)
♦ dosage and administration
1 times 1-3 drops, 1, 5 or 6 times eye drops to take.

Precautions related to dosage and administration
(1) strictly adhere to dosage may lead to congestion rather feel unusual glare and excessive use.
(2) If you want to use in children, to use under the guidance and supervision of their parents or guardians.
(3) do not touch the vessel to eyes, eyelids and lashes.
   [Cause pollution or contamination (dust, mucus, etc.)], do not use the opaque ones.
(4) do not use while wearing soft contact lenses.
(5) for ophthalmic use.
♦ ingredients and quantity
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride...-,-,-, 0. 25 g
Vitamin B12...-,-,-,-, and 0. 006 percent
Sodium chondroitin sulfate esters.... 0. 5%
Sulfuric acid Zinc salt hydrate...----------, 0. 1%
Chlorpheniramine maleate..., and 0. 01%
L-aspartic acid potassium...-------, 1%

As an additive, boric acid, l-menthol, d-camphor, bergamot oil, geraniol, hypromellose, chlorobutanol, hyaluronic acid, polysorbate 80, pH control agents are contained.
♦ careful storage and handling
1. stopper tightly in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and keep it.
   To maintain quality in the automotive and heating appliances near, do not leave the places of high temperature (more than 40 ° C).
  * Fade, break down the Sun is the active ingredient of vitamin B12 (pink color).
   After use always tightly Cap do not exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light, and keep it.
(2) keep out of children's reach.
(3) do not swap the other containers. (Cause of abuse, turns quality)
(4) Please do not shared with others.
(5) expiration date (outside the box) do not use too much product. In addition, in later even once opened, store and follow the precautions for handling and use approximately 1-2 months.
(6) depending on the status of the Save crystal components inside the cap of the container where there might be. Wipe lightly with gauze in which case clean, etc, please use the.
(7) do not use the containers into other things.
How to open/close caps
[How to open the CAP: twist cap on top.
[How to close the CAP], push down until it clicks.
* Support the entire container with cap on, to open and close. You may have only the central portion of the vessel, opening and closing, dashes out chemical leaks.

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