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Miss Arrivo Ghost

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NEW 2014! Miss. Arrivo Ghost (upgraded model Miss. Arrivo) - the lightest and smallest in the world of portable apparatus for electroporation and non-invasive mesotherapy with 8 types of effects:

Mid interval between pulses is combined with ultra momentum - a novelty in this model.

Electroporation 1 - physiotherapeutic procedure using simulated current electro-up to open the channels of the cell membrane for a short period of time. Exposure is carried out by electrical pulses of high frequency (3000 Hz) at low intensity. Electroporation allows good permeability of cell membranes and effective delivery of drugs into the cell. Electric pulse waves create pores in the bilayer lipid membrane. The permeability of cell membranes increases more than 400-fold that allows conducting the cell not only low molecular weight, but high molecular weight, e.g., hyaluronic acid or collagen. Subsequently, the cell returns to its original state, as waves of electric pulse, complex modeled. In this case, the skin is not broken. Improves the function of the sodium-potassium pump, normal metabolism, synthesis of collagen and elastin. Penetration of drugs is 85 - 99%.

2 Mezoporatsiya - a set of mesotherapy and electroporation.

3. General fotoporatsiya (all of the lights)

4. Red LED therapy

5. Yellow LED therapy

6 Blue LED therapy (chromotherapy) - activates cell receptors, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin; thus, the skin becomes more supple, smooth and acquires a more youthful appearance. Has a strong disinfecting effect.

7 EMS therapy (electromyostimulation) - strengthening the flabby muscles, improve their tone; reduction and disappearance of cellulite manifestations; giving a beautiful shape flabby buttocks and thighs; improve blood circulation, improve skin structure.

8 microwave therapy - the impact of electromagnetic fields of ultrahigh frequency. Under the influence of high-frequency electromagnetic field occurring in the tissues of the body oscillating pendular movement of ions, the mechanical energy of this motion is converted into heat, which causes heat generation to endogenous tissues. This is the non-specific biological effects of high frequency electromagnetic waves. These methods are widely used for the treatment of skin diseases such as pustular skin lesions (folliculitis, boils, carbuncles), for the resolution of all possible foci of chronic inflammatory infiltrates and so on. Microwave therapy is indispensable in the treatment of keloids, as a preparatory step to cryoablation

The device can be used to care for the skin around the eyelids.

The device is wireless, with charger.



Power: 100V-200V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 10 W

Output frequency: Wavelength 90KHz

LED Red: 620nm (± 10)

LED Yellow: 590nm (± 10)

LED Blue: 415nm (± 10)

Weight: 105 g Dimensions: 175 × 41 × 38mm

Timer 10 min

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