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  • Nile for men After Shave Moisturizing Lotion for men

Nile for men After Shave Moisturizing Lotion for men

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Nile for men Moisturizing After Shave Lotion is suitable for all types of male skin, including very sensitive skin. Lotion normalizes the protective barrier, deeply moisturizes, soothes irritated skin. 150 ml.

How does Nile for men aftershave moisturizing lotion work?

Nile for men Moisturizing After Shave Lotion is designed to relieve irritation after shaving, soothe the skin, deeply moisturize and prevent acne. Its high efficiency is provided by a large number of active components:

  • hyaluronic acid binds water molecules and deeply moisturizes the skin,
  • ceramides restore the damaged protective barrier, regulate the sebaceous glands, relieve oily sheen,
  • sodium alginate from brown and red algae tightens the oval of the face, improves blood flow in the capillaries, accelerates the resorption of hematomas and inflammations and evens out the tone of the face,
  • malic acid enhances cellular metabolism, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • extracts of yuzu citrus fruits, actinidia, plums, rose hips, multiflorous, tea leaves, as well as Deinococcus radiodurans cultures relieve irritation after shaving, moisturize and nourish the skin, and help fight dullness and sagging.

Nile for men aftershave is suitable for all skin types: dry, normal, combination, oily, sensitive, problematic and aging skin.

How to apply Nile for men aftershave moisturizing lotion?

Apply a small amount of lotion to the palm of your hand. Its thick consistency provides excellent distribution over the skin, so a small amount, the size of a large coin, is sufficient. Then spread the lotion with your hand over your face. Additional warming with gentle touches of the palms after application will provide better penetration of the active substances.

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