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Ya-Man EMS Glove Premium

  • Brand: Biore
  • Product Code: CA-YM1
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  • $229.00

Type device type gloves EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), which helps to reduce muscle simply by touching the body and face with his hands.

As the unit in the form of gloves, you can easily handle any area of your body and face, effectively acting even on hard to reach areas of the facial area. Gloves used patented new material "Silfiber", having a higher conductivity compared to EMS conventional product.

● The unit wireless

● Waterproof

● procedures are effective and convenient treatment during the adoption of water treatments, as well as outside the bathroom.

● Six processing modes with five levels of intensity for different zones of influence.

  ● Auto power off after 10 minutes.

weight 100g


How often is recommended to use them?

For 5-10 minutes per day for each portion of the body 2-3 times a week.

There are various modes for the face and body?

Yes I Am. EMS Glove specifically designed to treat the various zones of your body. Each mode provides a variety of electronic stimulation, so we recommend different modes for face and body.

Do I have to use a conductive gel in the treatment while swimming?

In the bathroom you do not need to use gels, because the water will be sufficient conductor EMS vibrations directly to the muscles. (Please use the accessory-gels in the treatment bath is).

What is EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)?

  Work the muscles activated by electrical signals from the brain. EMS technology directly stimulates the nerves to the contraction and relaxation of muscles. As a result, you can get the effect of training helps burn energy and the construction of the muscular system. EMS creates the same conditions for muscle training outside the gym. More muscle mass increases metabolism as a whole, which means that your body can burn more energy in daily life.

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