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  • TEVA hyaluronic acid - 10 syrg. 25 mg X 2,5 ml

TEVA hyaluronic acid - 10 syrg. 25 mg X 2,5 ml

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TEVA hyaluronic acid in syringes is super effective and modern joint agent. It improves joints: condition and helps to fight arthritis and ache in knees. Japanese TEVA is super effective for medical cure of various symptoms of knee ache.


Additional Effects of TEVA hyaluronic acid:

- whitening, firming, detoxification, facial rejuvenation stop full effect management.
- non-invasive, traceless, painless improve wrinkles.
- fully moisture, improve dull skin.
- treatment is simple and fast, in just 10 minutes
- no swelling after the injection, you can return to normal life
- anti-aging, reversal of age. For the crowd: dark skin rough, dry skin, face a splash

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