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  • LA MENTE Pure EG Essence 100 ml

LA MENTE Pure EG Essence 100 ml

  • Brand: La Mente
  • Product Code: LM2-L2
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $213.00

LA MENTE Pure EG Essence 200 ml

Ingredients: Hyaluron, collagen, elastin, arginine, an oligopeptide-1, an extract of the umbilical cord, acetyl hexapeptide-3 3palmitoil peptide extract fermenting rice (sake), okra extract, olive leaf extract, rhodiola rosea root extract.

Application: A small amount of essence put on clean face and neck movements and light evenly.

For best results use after EG Focus Essence, gel EG Focus Gel.

DESCRIPTION: EGF - stimulates the appearance of young skin cells. Due to the emergence of a large number of young cells that replace the old, there is a clarification of existing pigment spots and prevents new ones. EGF contains 53 amino acids (peptidy- stem cell growth factor by which considerably slows down the aging process). It really is a unique component in the fight against aging skin. Blocks the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

The action of some of the components:

Golden root extract (radiogram pink) - protects cells from damage by toxins, has a powerful stimulant and anti-inflammatory, soothing effect.

Collagen, elastin, hyaluron - three major structural component of the skin needed to maintain its elasticity and moisturized. Placenta extract - has a powerful effect, slows the aging process and has a strong anti-aging effect.

Complex of plant extracts (olive leaves, fruits okra).

Placenta acting at the cellular level, it provides all the necessary nutrients, restores skin elasticity, slows the aging process. Promotes the resorption of scarring, creates conditions for the healing of the skin.

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