2019-01-17 - Japanese masks: main types and specifics.

2019-01-15 - Squalene vs Squalane: what are the differences?

2019-01-15 - Japanese cosmetics for eyes: professionals's choice

2019-01-15 - Lip makeup: the best choice.

2019-01-15 - Shiseido - history and philosophy

The foundation is used if your skin cannot boast a perfect and even color. The composition of the foundation masks problem areas, as well as visually corrects the imperfections of your skin. The foundation is the helpers of female beauty, which is used by tens and hundreds of millions of women all over the planet.Foundation and tonal means from Japan are distinguished by high quality and minimal negative impact on the skin. They help to effectively hide flaws and correct skin color and tone easily and imperceptibly. However, it is important to remember that you need to choose a foundation suit..

2019-01-15 - Acne: what is it and how to deal with it?

2019-01-15 - Japanese eye patches

2019-01-15 - Japanese facial serum: their characteristics and methods of application.

In Japan, most women have smooth, glowing, healthy skin, without any flaws or flaws. It has a healthy natural color and glows from the inside. The skin of Japanese women does not look very good due to genetics or the daily diet of fish. The secret of pure porcelain skin in another is in the use of effective means for cleansing the face, washing and removing makeup produced in Japan.What cosmetic substances are used in Japan to cleanse the face?In the Japanese means for the care and cleansing of the face are used only effective and natural ingredients, time-tested. Of course, in recent years, m..
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