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Hair Repro Up

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Hair Repro Up - a comprehensive hair care, face and body

An integrated approach to care for face, body, scalp and hair in a single unit.


- Ultra-pulse interpolation (electroporation procedure).

So far the application of electroporation macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid could not be used in the induction phase. Apparatus Hair Repro Up to effectively solve this problem, innovative technology allows you to combine the penetration of active macromolecular substances in the deeper layers of the skin with an ultra-pulse interpolation in the induction phase. The device has a special shape of the electrodes, which can be used for treatments with the hair and scalp.

- Microvibration

Small vibration effectively acts on muscles, so you can relax even deep squeezed and strained muscles.

The device corrects skin texture, giving it a beauty, smartness and brilliance. This procedure is also recommended to spend on the head (scalp) with special serums developed for this procedure. Serum effectively act on the deep layers of the scalp, body healthy it.

  - Light therapy

The device is equipped with a mode of 3 kinds of LED and has 5 types of exposure. The gentle action of light on the skin, face and head gives a comprehensive and complete care.

  The kit includes:

● The unit

● AC adapter body

● Operating Instructions (with warranty)

technical characteristics

● Nominal power: input / AC100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz

● Timer: 7 minutes

● Power consumption: 10W

● Output frequency: 90 Hz

● LED Light:

  - Blue 415 nm (± 10)

- Yellow 590 nm (± 10)

- Red 620 nm (± 10)

● Weight: 130g

● Size: 160 x 75 x 55 mm

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