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  • Dr. Fresco & F (Fion)

Dr. Fresco & F (Fion)

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Dr. Fresco & F (Fion, apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning person)

Ultrasonic deeply cleanses the skin, removes impurities of the skin, cleans pores, removes dead skin cells, the cells of the skin. Such a result can not be achieved by conventional mechanical means.

Exposure of the skin:

● enhanced cleansing

● exfoliation of dead skin cells, clearing the pores of dirt.

● cleaning procedure is performed in conjunction with light therapy, in particular, with a blue LED Blue LED 415 nm (± 10)


With this device you can perform the following procedure:

- Ultrasonic peeling (clean) - a procedure which is carried out by means of ultrasound for deep cleansing, removal of keratinized scales on the surface, as well as for skin whitening. Exfoliation helps the face to find the freshness and improve the appearance.

  - Toning - ultrasound provides a deep micro-massage of the skin and subcutaneous layers to enhance the metabolic processes of your cells, increase circulation, relieve muscle spasm.

- Phonophoresis - active influence of ultrasound facilitates the penetration of cosmetic products in the deeper layers of skin.

  - Lifting - deep micro has an active facelift, neck and neck at the cellular level. -Svetovaya Terapiya- treats skin Boethiah with acne, and clean up any of it.

  The device is used to clean the entire face, as well as to care for neck, legs, back. Very effective against acne. Use the unit on pre-washed skin area. After using the machine skin gets prozrachnocht, fresh and prepared for further care.

The kit includes:

● Apparatus for face cleaning

● AC adapter

● Charger

● Operating manual and warranty card



● Voltage: 100V-240V 50Hz / 60Hz

● Power: 10W Max

● Output frequency: 30 kHz

● LED wave length: F-415 nm (± 10 nm)

● External: up to 51 mm W / D to 27 mm / hr to 182 mm

● Weight: 104 g

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