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  • Anti-cellulite AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence

Anti-cellulite AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence

  • Brand: Axxzia
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Доставка косметики из Японии:

  • $122.00

Volume: 120 ml

Manufacturer: AXXZIA

Active ingredients: organic algae extract, ginger, rosemary, sandalwood extract.

Effect: tones, moisturizes and tightens the skin.

Manufacturer recommendations: it is recommended to apply after warming up the body, after a massage or exercise.

What is so special about AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essential Anti-Cellulite Serum for the body?

AXXZIA serum is an effective and proven anti-cellulite treatment. It provides a triple effect. First, AXXZIA serum has a deep moisturizing effect. Secondly, it tones the skin and increases the metabolism of cellular tissues. Third, this Japanese serum has the therapeutic effect of lymph drainage.

Is AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence Serum effective?

This serum contains 17 plant components that not only effectively tone and moisturize the skin, but also reduce cellular inflammation, as well as contribute to an increase in metabolism in the deeper layers of the skin. Ginger and rosemary are primarily responsible for these functions. They increase metabolism and speed up the metabolism of cellular tissue. Algae extract has a cleansing effect and antioxidant effect. Serum AXXZIA from Japan showed itself from a good side during the monitoring of women seeking to get rid of the cellulite. It has a pronounced tightening effect. Many women know that even diets and regular sports do not always help to get rid of cellulite peel. AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence Anti-Cellulite Serum for the body with a tightening effect quickly, effectively and permanently helps you get a smooth, toned body skin.

How to use AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence from Japan?

AXXZIA serum for the body from Japan is suitable for frequent use, it can be used even every day. But this effective remedy for cellulite has an important feature. Acceleration of cell tissue metabolism is well achieved only when serum is applied to heated skin. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends applying serum when the skin is warmed. That is, after an active exercise or massage. Of course,  that doesn't mean a full strength training! At least 10 minutes of self-massage of problem areas or home exercies will be enough  to warm up the muscles and accelerate blood flow. If necessary, take a warm (not cold!) shower, and then apply anti-cellulite serum. This is the way AXXZIA Beauty Body Curvy Essence serum with a tightening effect will show its distinctive properties as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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