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  • AXXZIA GF Serum Personal

AXXZIA GF Serum Personal

  • Brand: Axxzia
  • Product Code: AX-05
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  • $209.00

Volume: 20 ml

Manufacturer: AXXZIA

Active ingredients: oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid, lecithin.

Effect: rejuvenation, age care, anti-inflammatory effect.

Manufacturer recommendations: Attention! After opening and mixing components store in the refrigerator for no more than 15 days. Use the bottles one by one, do not open the second bottle until you finish the first one.

What is so unique about AXXZIA GF Serum Personal two-component serum with peptides?

This AXXZIA serum from Japan is supplied in "unfinished" form. When you first open the vial, the oligopeptides are mixed with the base serum fluid, giving you a fresh, innovative composition for professional care. This form allows you to achieve maximum pentrating power of the serum deep into the skin. Serum does not cause allergies, it is absolutely sterile and well suited for problem skin. AXXZIA serum with oligopeptides is effective, first of all, for anti-aging care. It can be used for rejuvenation procedures.

Is AXXZIA GF Serum Personal two-component serum with peptides effective?

Two-component serum with peptides has a special molecular composition. The size of the oligopeptide molecule, which is part of the serum, is hundreds of times smaller than the standard water-soluble collagen molecule. Due to this, the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin is achieved. Peptides cause a cascade effect of regeneration and molecular compensation, as a result, the skin begins to produce its own collagen. Visually, this is manifested in the "radiance from the inside." The skin becomes more healthy, moisturized and has a natural glow. For greater efficiency, a special packaging was developed. The peptides are separated from the liquid base in order to preserve their beneficial effects and stop the oxidation processes until the day you start using the serum. Cell growth factors contained in the serum promote revitalization and effective rejuvenation of the skin.

How to use the two-component serum AXXZIA GF Serum Personal with peptides from Japan?

AXXZIA serum from Japan is recommended by the manufacturer for intensive care under stressful conditions and anti-age care for all skin types. This serum is used in a number of clinics in Japan for patients recovering after cosmetic surgery on the face.

The kit includes 2 bottles of 10 ml. When opening the bottle, turn its bottom in the direction of the arrow. When a rod appears in the center, the process of mixing the components will begin. Before use, be sure to shake the bottle of serum several times easily. Store the finished serum only in the refrigerator, not more than 15 days.

For a standard care procedure, just three clicks on the dispenser. For the apparate procedure, use 6 clicks.

What is the full composition of the Axidia AXXZIA GF Serum Personal two-component serum with peptides from Japan?

This serum made by AXXZIA from Japan includes in its composition such components as glycerol, butylene glycol, betaine, pentylene, soybean oil, sodium hyaluronate, human oligopeptide-1, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, hydrogenated lecithin, hydrogenated castor oil, PEG-60 (acrylate / alkyl ( C10-30) Cross-polymer, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, Na-oleate, Mg EDTA-2 Na, oligopeptide-6, trehalose, sodium 2-phosphate, phenoxyethanol, flavour.

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