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  • Blanc Lisse

Blanc Lisse

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Blanc Lisse - portable device for aesthetic skin care and body.

High frequency electric current waves in the form of cubic, passing through the skin is converted into a low-frequency wave, creating interstitial wave massage.

Efficiency Blanc Lisse:

• Two removable cartridge allow reprogram the device to work with a person or body

• Set of electrodes for face and body

• Absolutely painless and does not injure the skin procedure

• Compact unit

• 3 program of work with a person

• 3 program of work with the body

Feedback - improve the structure and appearance of the skin

Footprint Blanc Lisse:

• periorbital area

• Face-neck-neckline

• Body

• Hands

Features of the device Blanc Lisse:

• 5 programs skincare

• Possibility of selecting the power, frequency and location of application of the wave

• Absolutely painless and does not injure the skin procedure

• Ability to carry out anti-aging treatments around the eyes

• Simple and effective in use

• Compact unit Blanc Lisse

Blanc Lisse - machine full of aesthetic procedures. Easy and safe to use. It is based on a patented system "M-Cube" -podacha weak current of varying intensity aimed at different areas of the body.

With this device you can perform the following procedures on the face:

-deep Cleansing using impregnated with a special lotion containing mineral components, sponges (sponges). Electric vibration carries deep cleaning removes dirt, cleans the pores of the skin. In this regard, the texture of the skin is transformed, your skin becomes healthy. This procedure is also recommended for acne skin.

-Lifting- Unit helps to strengthen the muscles of the face under the EMS. It will help get rid of wrinkles, dark spots, from sagging cheeks and double chin, dramatically improves the contour of the face.

-deep Hydration of the skin with the help of M-Wave cube with a moisturizing ingredient. The procedure is performed on the gloves soaked gel surface of the skin, thus helping to deeply moisturize the skin, give it transparency, flexibility and elasticity.

Procedures on the body:

- Lifting

- Correction of figures, an effective fight against obesity, cellulite.

The unique device for

- Procedures in a beauty salon

- Procedures at home

The kit

Apparatus Blanc Lisse, AC-adapter, carrying case for electrode sponges A, sponge electrode A, skin electrodes, electrodes gloves, protective gloves 4 pairs, wire electrode A, the electrode wire B, wipes 20 pcs., SPM lotion works the machine Blanc Lisse, SPM gel using the machine Blanc Lisse, cleaner, cleaning cloth, instructions for use, the bag for the device

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