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  • Bio-Normalizer - 30 sachet X 3 gram.

Bio-Normalizer - 30 sachet X 3 gram.

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Bio-Normalizer is a 100% natural tropical papaya raw, fermented in its own yeast fermented foods. Papaya from ancient times Inca times more longevity and is favored as a wholesome fruits, excellent antioxidant activity in recent years, attracting attention from medical officials. Blue papaya fermented was born, tied to the effectiveness of the traditional fermented foods such as miso and natto, said a big reason has been supporting the Japanese health, there's one thing is food bio-normalizer.

■ "biopathy theory and treatment 

Once human intake, closer to the plant, has been alive. Starting line of all life on this planet, it is soil and is water and air. Humans are nurtured in these plants grown by the bread of life, has been living. Originally, natural ecosystems in the man because the body needs what the overflowing vitality of these natural plants is.

Is this substance in the science community, denied the presence of what can cure any illness "panacea". Bio-Normalizer is a nutraceutical (functional food supplements) was developed, focusing on that in such environments from the idea of 'most effective to cure the disease natural healing powers such as immunity in the natures of the body self defense mechanism and when they do is body are of moderate activity States' enhance the biological activity self.

Antioxidant activity of lush and grow from now 44 years ago, in 1969, Akira Osato, Ph.d. of the developers are kept to the strong ultraviolet rays of the tropical papaya with the eyes, start your own yeast research.
Papaya is plant enzyme called papain enzymes can digest the big 3 nutrients by fermentation, contains abundant nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, 1 static ectomycorrhizal interaction, 2. harmful metal Ion Chelation property, 3 free radical regulating property, 4 redox (oxidation-reduction) reaction adjustment, 5 immunity adjustment action, 6 anti-aging effects , etc is a plus as the plants are essential to maintaining the health of.
Also, eating fermented foods such as miso and natto Japanese health long have supported similar to not worry about side effects, one of the benefits of bio-Normalizer is to not use any additives, preservatives, where you will find with the medication.

■ reliability as the product of bio-normalizer 

1. Obtains ISO 22000, "HACCP" and "GMP", has defended the safety of food.
2. And get the halal certification, and offers to the Islamic world.
For over 44 years since the invention of the 3.1969, and is a pioneer of the fermented papaya.
4.130 Hen more than academic research paper proves its effectiveness.
5. Through the health mission such as Chernobyl, Thailand's AIDS hospice, China SARS, has been useful in maintaining the health of people around the world.

■ encourage cells and normalize the function of the body

Its main ingredient is the tropical edible plant which grows powerfully under the sunshine in intense tropical sun rays, papaya. It is in AKIRA, urging the Osato Research Institute discovered this lactic acid fermentation and name has received microbiology and the proprietary microbial adjustment fermentation medium docking and let it age, made of natural materials. Extraction in the process of manufacturing, chemical processing and refining process, chemicals and additives made with them, eliminating any strictly the natural papaya, naturally fermented in an environment as close as possible, so the finished product is on every production lot color or granular, taste, and smell, the difference can be seen.

However, it features of natural, bio-normalizer has clearly proved as close as possible to natural. Getting production nature of various ingredients to finished after this fermentation process bio-normalizer was not contained natural papaya body to tremendous job, directly in the cells of the body to synthesize them, is indirect lobbying, transporting biological activity, and normalize the function of the body.

Induction of secretion by the numerous clinical studies require body adapts to the goal is known. Is the body to a healthy state, these works combined with nutraceutical was born by Dr. Osato research. Giving the body being out of balance with the strong features of the biological activity are completely safe food ( nutraceutical ), back to a healthy state. This is the bio-normalizer.

■ unique fermentation process and strict quality inspection

In factory devoted only bio-normalizer production in proprietary manufacturing process, "highlighting numerous specificity strengthen has natural ingredients in fermentation process with the discover and identified without compromising the active ingredients of the medicinal plant that is a natural thing in addition, Institute for my own AKIRA-shares of useful substances, moreover, the active ingredient of many newly come with priority management abilities, suitability and nature of further'. Sampling every lot in the laboratory is incidental to, and enforced strict quality inspection, engaged to ensure the best stable quality. Made at this plant bio-normalizer into Japan's Ajinomoto group 

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