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  • Antibacterial + Anti-inflammation Effect - W drops (20 doses)

Antibacterial + Anti-inflammation Effect - W drops (20 doses)

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Product description
"Roth antibacterial eye drops i 20 pieces", which is combined with the resistant bacteria to antibacterial sulfonamides. HPMC to remain long on the surface of the eye and alginic acid two two viscous drugs is being combined. Not W formulation anti inflammatory ingredients more effectively soothe inflammation. Is smallness and at one time, inflamed eyes, clean friendly easy comfort. A sty and conjunctivitis. Pharmaceutical products.
Precautions on use
♦ must not be 
(Or worse do not obey the current symptoms, side effects will be learnt by experience easily) 
Long-term do not find application. 

♦ ask 
1. following people who before using to doctor or pharmacist consult. 
(1) a person who has received medical treatment 
(2) a person or a family is allergic people 
(3) those who have allergy symptoms caused by drugs 
(4) one of the following symptoms 
Extreme eye pain 

2. If you immediately stop using this manual, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. 
(1) If after use, the following symptoms occur 

[Related sites: symptoms: 
Dermatologic: rash, redness, or itching 
: Hyperemia, itching, swelling, blot, hurts 

(2) if the symptoms are often used for 3-4 days if not
Country of origin
Efficacy and effects
Sty, conjunctivitis (come in second), eye irritation, eye lid Dermatitis (mabutanotadare)
Dosage and administration
1 times 2-3 drops of 1, 5-6 times eye drops to keep. 

♦ Note related to dosage and administration 
(1) If you want to use in children, to use under the guidance and supervision of their parents or guardians. 
(2) do not touch the vessel to eyes, eyelids and lashes. (Scratched eye is scratched, that causes pollution or contamination (dust, mucus, etc.)), do not use the opaque ones. 
(3) do not use while wearing soft contact lenses. 
(4) for ophthalmic use.
Ingredients and quantity
Sulfametoxazolenatorium: 4% 
Epsilon - Aminocaproic acid: 1% 
Glycyrrhizic acid 2 potassium: 0.15% 

As an additive, containing boric acid, borax, alginate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyoxyethylempolioxypropylengle call, polysorbate 80, sodium Edetate, pH regulator.
Storage and handling precautions
(1) this product is outside and keep in a cool place in sunlight and fluorescent lights don't hit into a box. To maintain the quality of excessive high temperature (near the motor or heating appliances, etc.) and excessive cold (moderate in the fridge) to avoid, as much as possible keep in a cool place. 
(2) keep out of children's reach. 
(3) do not swap the other containers. (Cause of abuse, turns quality) 
(4) Please do not shared with others. 
(5) expiration date (outside the box) do not use too much product. Please use the after opening as soon. 
(6) this product is used up one time, the type of ophthalmic solution is. Always discard the thing opened again in slightly more easy to extrude chemical containers to remain liquid. 
(7) Please note that the may open the CAP and put the product in your back pocket, etc.. 
* Don't worry because may feel bitter in the mouth due to drops, chemicals through tears, transformed and is harmless.

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