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  • Active Vitamin Premium Fatigue Care - 13 ml

Active Vitamin Premium Fatigue Care - 13 ml

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Manufacturer rohto pharmaceutical co., Ltd.
◆ product features
(1) it is a metabolic component contains the maximum concentration and increase the resilience of eye fatigue due to age, prescription.
(2) works in the tear fluid ingredient supply, coming from dry tired eyes.
(3) it is in sesame oil (formulations stabilizer) (breath of) peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil (breath of) scheme, with a moist clean nice piercing feeling.
 * Refers to the panthenol, taurine, vitamin B6
 * Maximum concentration formulations for OTC ophthalmic drug manufacturing approval criteria
◆ containers features
Can eye drops smoothly anytime, anywhere, free angle nozzle
Easily made IKEA, is very useful.
One-touch clamp screw cap
The only times open left turn clicks into place and one time, close one and turn right. Easy and convenient.
Expiration date of pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical products no special notation for as long as the expiration date of more than one year which sells. 
Expiration date listed for less than a year.
Precautions on use
♦ ask 
1. The next person, consult doctor, pharmacist or registered prior to use. 
 (1) a person who has received medical treatment 
 (2) those who have caused the allergic reactions due to drugs 
 (3) one of the following symptoms 
  Extreme eye pain 
 (4) persons glaucoma: diagnosis 
2. After use, the following symptoms occur if you have possible side effects, stop using immediately and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller, have the instruction manual. 

[Related sites: symptoms] 
Dermatologic: rash, redness, or itching 
Eyes: hyperemia, itching, swelling, blot, hurts 

3. If you stop using, have this manual, consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered seller. 
 (1) if blurred vision has not improved 
 (2) If you use place 2 weeks symptoms are not getting better
Efficacy and effects
When blurred vision (like with a lot of mucus), eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, itching, eye diseases prevention (for example, after a swim, the dust and sweat into your eyes), eye lid Dermatitis (mabutanotadare), and ultraviolet light are fitted the hard contact lenses by other Ray ophthalmia (snow, etc), nightmare
Dosage and administration
Dosage and administration 
1 times 1-3 drops, 1, 5 or 6 times eye drops to keep. 
Usage-related attention 
(1) If you want to use in children, to use under the guidance and supervision of their parents or guardians. 
(2) do not touch the vessel to eyes, eyelids and lashes. 
 [Cause pollution or contamination (dust and mucus, etc.). 
 Also, do not use are delirious. 
(3) do not use while wearing soft contact lenses. 
(4) for ophthalmic use.
Ingredient amount
Ingredient amount 
Panthenol 0.1% 
Aminoethylsulfone acid (taurine) 1% 
Sodium chondroitin sulfate 0.5% 
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.1% 
Neostigminmethyl sulfate 0.005% 
Glycyrrhizic acid potassium 2 0.1% 
Chlorpheniramine maleate 0.01% 
Food additives 
Sesame oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, sodium chloride, Aminocaproic acid, boric acid, polysorbate 80, l-menthol, DL-camphor, geraniol, sodium Edetate, benzalkonium chloride, pH control agents
Storage and handling precautions
1. stopper tightly in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and keep it. To maintain quality, automotive and heating appliances near, do not leave the places of high temperature (more than 40 ° C). 
(2) until it clicks into place when closing the CAP, turn, turn it off. 
(3) keep out of children's reach. 
(4) do not swap the other containers. (Cause of abuse, turns quality) 
(5) Please do not shared with others. 
(6) expiration date (outside the box) do not use too much product. In addition, in use after even opened once, as soon as possible. 
(7) by the State of preservation, crystal components inside the cap of the container where there might be. Wipe lightly with gauze in which case clean, etc, please use the. 
(8) do not use the containers into other things.

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