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1. NO IMPORT CHARGES! We sign our parcels in a special way. Do not worry about the import of the parcel! Pay only one time!

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3. ONLY NATURAL COMPONENTS! You will find the most popular and interesting Japanese cosmetics on our website, with all-natural ingredients! Most of the products do not contain parabens and mineral oils! Japanese cosmetics with marine collagen, gold ions and squalane for you!

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Japanese cosmetics for the domestic market are of extremely high quality. Most of the products are only sold in Japan at this moment. All cosmetics are subject to strict selection and control. Japanese cosmetics contain only natural 100% safe ingredients. On our site you will find the EGF cosmetics, placental serum cosmetics with ions of gold and platinum, cosmetics with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic of acids. Japanese beauty devices for professional care to help you maintain the beauty and youthfulness. You can use them both at home and in the salons. A decorative cosmetics by Shiseido is of best quality and uses only high-end technology.